What Should You Know About Crypto Pump and Dump Groups?

Crypto pump and dump groups are committed to helping promote new or unknown coins, over the social media platforms such as Telegram and Discord. Operations of pump and dump schemes have been common in economic contexts for centuries. This fraudulent behavior artificially inflates prices by dispersing bogus information.

This is a new approach to cryptocurrency trading that is based on the old principles of stock exchange fraud. The proposed plan is based around a category of people who have already invested in an asset that is effortlessly manipulated. Low trading volumes, rumors, and misinformation spreading around cause people to buy an asset at an inflated price.

As the hype around a certain asset builds, scam artists sell their positions, leaving the average investor with an overrated asset that falls back to its original price or below. Pump and dump schemes are harmful practices for market integrity and undermine the trust of investors.

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For example, some dishonest con artists had shares in the South Sea Company back in the early 1800s. They began offering bogus statements about the business and the profits generated by it. The arrangement was to falsely swell the stock prices prior to offering it to unsuspecting and clueless consumers who were persuaded to think they were putting resources into a promising product.

The contemporary South Sea Bubble which is a popular pump-and-dump strategy is being followed by con artists even today. With blockchain technology and the growing popularity of crypto trading, the issue of fraud has become more widespread and severe.

Cryptocurrencies are still in a developing stage, so some groups are promoting coins that are still unknown. This is harmful to the community as it allows for pump-and-dump schemes.

Cryptocurrencies are particularly vulnerable to such manipulative markets because government regulation has been slow to catch up. Although pump and dump groups are no longer as popular as they once were, they are as yet a typical sight in the cryptocurrency space.

What are the pump and dump groups in the world of cryptocurrency?

A pump and dump scheme is a fraudulent practice where individuals accumulate a commodity over the long haul, artificially inflate its price by spreading bogus information, and then sell it to unsuspecting buyers at a much greater price. When the perpetrators artificially inflate the price of something, it usually falls, later on, leaving those who bought the item based on false information in a difficult position.

Pump and dump groups in cryptocurrency often use chat channels like Discord, Telegram, or  Slack to communicate and promote their coins. These groups often work together to increase their following, helping to drive up prices for their coins. For a huge fee, you can be one of the few people privy to the latest signals before they’re made public.

Organized groups of individuals use online pump-and-dump schemes to achieve success. These pump and dump groups are advertising their scams right on Discord and Telegram, making it easy for anyone to get involved without getting consent first.

In a pump and dump scheme, there is a leadership structure that manages the group. This hierarchy helps to ensure that the group is run smoothly and that everyone has an equal voice. Higher-ranking members are notified of the target coin earlier than lower-ranking members, so they can begin buying in advance.

In this way, the member has more chances to buy at a cheaper price and make more profits from the pump and dump scheme. Many groups utilize an association framework, where individuals can move up the order by selecting new individuals. This gives groups a strong sense of community and cohesion, enhances communication and cooperation between members, and helps groups stay organized and efficient.

The rating goes up as the number of new members grows. Some groups have a simpler structure of hierarchy containing 2 levels: common members and VIPs.  This structure makes it easier for common members to get access to VIPs and vice versa, which makes the group more efficient. Joining these groups costs between 0.01 and 0.1 BTC.

What are the reasons for the rise of pump and dump groups in cryptocurrency?

There are several reasons why pump and dump groups are on the rise in cryptocurrency. Some believe that these groups are used to manipulate the price of a coin, while others say that these groups are simply used for financial gain.

Some people are concerned that pump and dump groups are manipulating the price of cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of reasons why this might be happening, but we want to explore some of the potential reasons here.

  • The latest social media and technology tools are largely to blame for the recent rise of pump and dump groups in cryptocurrency. Telegram and Discord are popular means for perpetrators of pump-and-dump schemes to proliferate their schemes to a large audience. Telegram is a cutting-edge cloud-based service for messaging that uses Voice over Internet Protocol for an even more smooth and more seamless experience. Discord and Telegram both have features that make them similar to one another. Consequently, pumps on Discord may well be indicative of a growing interest in the platform.
  • Discord and Telegram are susceptible to pumps and dumps because they’re so affordable. Telegram channels are a popular way to form pumps, as they are easy to join and maintain. With Telegram channels as a participatory platform, members are more likely to be involved in pump and dump schemes.
  • Cryptocurrencies offer a wealth of new opportunities for investors. Most of these cryptocurrencies are rarely traded, making it easy for pumpers to manipulate the prices.
  • There are a lot of trading platforms that are providing favorable opportunities for crypto pumps and dumps. There has been a surge in crypto exchanges that allow for the unregulated trading of coins. This has led to instability and confusion among investors. Exchanges that participate in pumps benefit from the transaction fee associated with them.
  • Regulators have adopted a hands-off strategy so far with regard to pump and dump schemes.

The conditions that led to these schemes resulted in a surge in crypto pumps and dumps.

What are the signals that indicate a potential pump-and-dump scheme in the crypto world?

Cryptocurrencies are a hot investment, and sometimes traders will artificially inflate the price to make a quick profit. But there are also legitimate signals that can help you buy the cryptocurrency at a more favorable price. Crypto pumps can be powerful signals intended to induce investors to buy a cryptocurrency so that they can take advantage of the price gouging as they indicate that there is strong demand for a particular coin.

These signals falsely indicate that by investing in a cryptocurrency when these signals are present, investors can benefit. Crypto investors begin selling when the price of their coins rises significantly, and these increases are known as ‘crypto dump signals.’ This results in them making a healthy profit.

Cryptocurrency pump-and-dump group types

Two types of groups exist on Discord and Telegram that are posting signals on unknown cryptocurrencies in order to artificially increase their value.

  1. Transparent groups

Such pump and dump groups use the word “pump” and “dump” interchangeably in their group names, implying that they are engaged in legitimate investment activities. They are trying to deceive you by using these terms, and you should be careful about what you believe.

  1. Obscure groups

The obscure pump and dump group members generally try to avoid using words like ‘pump’ and ‘dump’ in chat channels. The content found in the chatrooms of an obscure pump and dump group is often revealing of the members’ uncertainty about the lawfulness of the scheme because they avoid using phrases that could be interpreted as supporting the legality of the practice.

Ways to broadcast messages in the crypto pump and dump groups

The typical way that pump-and-dump groups on Discord and Telegram communicate is by broadcasting messages that encourage people to buy a certain cryptocurrency and then sell it at a higher price later.

  • Information and how to

The “information” and “how to” sections are like bulletin boards with attached messages. With informative and helpful how-to sections, your visitors will be able to find the information they need easily and quickly. Each room in this segment is designed to efficiently send a single or a few messages.

The information you’ll need to know about the group is available all over the place, in the info section rooms. Likewise, you can track down the helpful guides on the industry of cryptocurrency or advice on how to take part in a pump-and-dump scheme in the how-to sections.

  • Signals

Only registered admins can publish around here, which is the central point. The pump and trading signs can frequently be tracked down around here. The administrators usually discuss forthcoming pump and dump schemes in Room 1, and discuss tips for trading in Room 2.

  • Invite

The bots that serve the server reside in the rooms of the invite section. Members of the server can easily request the bots for invite links to help bring in new members or figure out the number of individuals that have joined recently utilizing their links.

  • General chat or discussion channel

The spacious rooms here allow group members to freely converse about various topics in a relaxed and comfortable setting. The themes in this section offer a wide range of opportunities for group conversation. You can chat freely about everything you desire in comfortable surroundings.

How do cryptocurrency pumps and dumps work?

On the internet, there are a variety of groups devoted to pump-and-dump schemes, with some groups being more active than others. Even the busiest channels manage to complete at least one pump and dump cycle per day. Active groups can perform multiple operations each week. This is an indication of how serious these groups are about getting their investments to the market.

Groups that are least active can perform a cycle only once per week. Other groups follow market conditions to decide when to initiate new activities. So Is it possible to make a profit by pumping and dumping cryptocurrencies?

There might be an opportunity to bring in a little profit by investing in a pump and dump plot, as this sort of venture involves misleadingly expanding the value of a crypto asset simply before an arranged and unexpected crash. If you don’t sell your coins soon, you’ll be left with an unknown quantity of coins for a long period of time and that could be a problem.

We recommend being cautious when investing in cryptocurrencies, as the market is very volatile and can be influenced by scams and fraudulent projects. In order to ensure you don’t get burned, we recommend understanding the basics of cryptocurrency metrics.

Tricks used by crypto scammers

If you want to know what makes crypto scams work and want to spot a crypto pump-and-dump scam, read on to learn about the different stages scammers go through in order to dupe their victims.

  • Spreading the essential information

The administrators spread information about the exact start time of the scheme and whether it will be in a free-for-all or ranked format. If everyone has access to the message, those with a higher VIP rank will receive it sooner or in the same timeframe as everyone else.

  • Declaration of the objective of the hidden coin

As the starting time for the operation draws near, the announcement is made more repeatedly. They want to ensure that everyone is aware of the coin’s goal when the crypto pump starts so that everyone can make the most informed decisions possible. As each member of the group becomes aware of the goal of the coin, they are motivated to help contribute to its success.

Your rank within the organization will dictate when you will be notified of the starting time. Cryptocurrency’s unique name is carefully hidden to make sure that only humans can understand it quickly.

The obfuscation strategy is designed to thwart bots from correctly reading the message by utilizing the technique of optical character recognition or OCR and carrying out market transactions quickly, compared to humans.OCR technology is a great way to turn text into a machine-readable format.

The scan will be saved on your PC as a picture document, for example, in the event that you examine a receipt or a form. The file’s text is unchangeable and cannot be accessed by a text editor.

  • Diffusion of news to attract investors from outside

The cryptocurrency market manipulation begins after the start of the pump and the administrator tweets or offers the news, asking group members to get the message out that the price of the cryptocurrency is going up.

Aiming to incite the purported FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) of a fabulous opportunity of investment and draw attraction from outside investors, members begin to spread the news utilizing Forums, Twitter, and secret chat channels.

Are cryptocurrency pump and dump schemes legal?

Since information about unknown coins is widely circulated in Telegram and Discord channels, it might be worth asking whether crypto pump-and-dump groups are even legal. Cryptocurrencies are not securities, so they don’t fall within the purview of securities laws. This means that cryptocurrency markets are often free from the kinds of regulations that apply to other markets.

Cryptocurrencies are not subjected to the same regulation as traditional securities markets. This makes cryptocurrency markets particularly volatile and susceptible to scams and P&D schemes. Therefore, since crypto scams that use pump-and-dump schemes might not be breaking any laws currently on the books, it’s uncertain if they would be considered illegal under the new legislation.

Even though unregulated exchanges often deal with scams like this, regulated exchanges still view them as illegal.

How can you spot if someone is trying to artificially inflate the price of a cryptocurrency by pumping and dumping it?

If you see someone engaging in a pump-and-dump scheme, it’s important to be suspicious. This type of activity is often used to deceive investors and can result in big losses for those who get caught in the scheme. If you see someone promoting a new cryptocurrency with high hopes, but soon after the coin becomes overvalued, it’s likely a pump-and-dump scheme.

Learning if and how rapidly somebody can implement a pump-and-dump scheme is critical to protecting investors. When it comes to crypto scams, there are no hard and fast signs that indicate when something is going wrong.

While there is no foolproof way to tell if a crypto scam is underway, being overly enthusiastic about a project or a token can be a sign of a scam. Watch out for hype that seems excessive or too good to be true. Cryptocurrencies are complex and new technology, so investors should proceed with caution when making decisions about investing in them.

Cryptocurrencies are often subject to some other scams as well, where traders attempt to drive up the prices of cryptocurrencies by selling them to other investors, only to later buy back the same cryptocurrencies at a higher price and make a profit. Always do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency project.


Cryptocurrency markets that involve pumping and dumping schemes have been a problem for years. Only the proper implementation of AML or KYC standards would help to stop cases of pump and dump schemes.

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