What Is Blocklords? – All You Need To Know About this P2E Game

For the players over the blockchain that look forward to building grand strategies for them, Blocklords is the perfect game. Blocklords will be available for the players in the year 2023 but it is one of those games that stole the limelight even before its emergence on the screen. However, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy is all set to unwind and display all its characters and the drama it beholds.

Blocklords is strategically a grand game introduced by the MetaKing Studios where the players will be introduced in a world where their actions will directly affect the other players, the characters of the game and all the objects around them.

Using its player-driven economy, Blocklords is all set for the transformation of Web3 gaming. Here is a comprehensive guide article to help the readers that how to play this game and how they can utilize this platform for earning money.

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What is Blocklords?

A much simpler version of Blocklords was released back in 2019. However, with the development in technology, many advanced features have been added to the game. Blocklords is a multiplayer game that provides the play to earn (P2E) opportunity.

The game provides the freedom to its players to play the game in the way they want. This also allows the players to create and move the story of the game forward with their playing skills, thus creating a distinct world of their own kind.

In addition to fun and thrill, Blocklords also provides the opportunity to its players to earn money using their skills and abilities. The players can adopt to any of the four playstyles suggested by the developers of the game. These playstyles include starting of nerve-rattling wars as kings or queens, building the cities as lords or ladies, fighting as strong warrior raiders or knights or gathering resources for farmers.

This game helps in earning money as one can make his hero in the game stronger and more desirable by playing effectively against the other players.

Who Invented the Game Blocklords?

The game Blocklords was founded by David Johansson and Nicky Li. According to the developers, they aimed at creating a game for the people where they could have the complete control. They wanted that the players could be able to drive their heroes in the game according to their own will and also be able to earn money while playing it.

Blocklords enables the players to create their own heroes by choosing the attributes they want in them. Being a earn to play game, it is becoming the center of attention for many new players. Blocklords will be released in phases and now its phase 8 is being released in 2023. The main reason behind releasing in phases is that the users can transfer the legacy of their heroes and develop a proper lineage.

What Makes Blocklords Unique?

Blocklords is a massive multiplayer game that is driven by the players. The players can shape and create the world they want to live in by their personal choice. it allows the players to choose their heroes on their own, participate in different tasks such as trading and farming or train the groups and armies.

Everyone has the right to choose his field of activity. In case, anyone wants to rule the region, he has to be powerful enough to compete with other participants.

Ways to Play Blocklords  

Blocklords is a game that is designed in a way that totally depends on the player playing it. It is all upon the player that in what manner and direction he drives the game in. The players are given the authority to manipulate the world around them and adjust it in the way they want.

It allows them to earn money by effectively competing other participants at any level. This helps them gain more experience and also get hold over the digital assets of their own choice.

Initially the players begin with being a farmer. Then as they excel in the game, they become knights or raiders. Further it goes on becoming the lords or the ladies. Then the highest level of the game is reached with eventually the king or the queen. It all depends on the player that whether he want to stay as a simple farmer in the game or excel further to enjoy the lavish life of a king or queen.

It is all up to the player that what kind of legacy he wants to create and enjoy the gaming process. However, the game offers them multiple opportunities in the way that help them to gain a lot of experience and eventually earn money.

Components of Blocklords

The game Blocklords has following components.

  • Heroes

The characters in the Blocklords are portrayed as heroes. The player owns the digital assets of his own choice. each hero in the game possesses unique attributes and qualities assigned by the player. As the player excels further in the game, he discovers more traits of the hero, that ultimately strengthens his character. This helps the player to chalk out the direction of the game.

The choices that are available for a player in the game depends on his role in the game. The utility of the player in the game is totally dependent on the skills of the player and the efforts he puts in to engage himself and fight effectively against others.

The lifespan of heroes in the game is very limited. Therefore, the legacy is continued in the game through ancestry. The players can pass the unique attributes and qualities of their heroes to the descendants using the dynasty feature that is available on Blocklords.

This keeps the heroes alive without considering what fate has to bring to them. In order to add thrill to the game, the players can also exchange their heroes with any other desired character in the game.

  • Farm

In order to succeed without any hinderance, the environment of Blocklords requires resources to be supplied in a continuous and steady manner. For this purpose, farmers are needed in the game.

The duty of these farmers is to look after the tasks of gathering different materials, then mining them, processing them further and then finally crafting them. This facilitates in the generation of different currencies.

Initially when a person starts playing Blocklords, he starts with being a farmer until he is any person that possesses a character personally. The regions in the game are controlled y the lords or the ladies. The farmer has to choose any region where he wants to be settled.

There are groups formed by the lords or the ladies, these group compete and fight against one another. The one who wins the fight eventually becomes the king or the queen.

When the players participate as being a farmer in the game, they do the assigned work, carry out harvesting process and also help in building the houses on the farm present in the region they chose.

To get assistance in the building process, the players also have the opportunity to rent the farmers from other players. But before doing this, they should be aware of the fact that the helping farmers will also consume the food assigned for you.

The rented hands can be housed in the buildings in case, one wants to award the village with the bonus. The players can earn rewards by multiple methods in the farm.

These methods may include taking care of the animals and livestock at the farm, carrying out trade at markets and crafting the items that are better and more reliable than other competitors. Moreover, rewards can also be earned by the traders if they cooperate well with the other participants of the game.

  • Fight

When the player has earned enough rewards and made enough resources in the farm, they go for fighting with other groups to become a knight or a raider. Knights are the associates of the lord who are paid salary for their services.

The duty of the knight is to defend the farmers and the village they protect. They kill all the raiders that come in their way. They effectively fight against the raiders that help them gain good amount of profit. Moreover, it also facilitates in raising their ranks. The knight can further look for new roles when they have earned enough resources.

Raiders are actually the warriors that attack the farms by their own choice. They steal the resources and assets earned by the lords by robbing their villages. The raiders do not have much time to perform this act but if they play tactically and effectively, it can result in winning multiple awards even in this short time span.

  • Rule

When the groups of knights and raiders compete, the players that are successful become the lords or the ladies. These people are then assigned certain responsibilities they have to fulfil. A comparatively larger piece of land is controlled by a lord or a lady. The effect of their any action can be directly observed on the region that they are ruling.

Some major duties of a lord or lady include the collection of resources and taxes from the farmers, payment of salaries and rewards to the knights and raiders and the development of infrastructure in their ruling region.

The cities are turned into dynamic hubs of commerce and trade by the lord or the lady. They do so by using the available resources such as the farmers, the knights and the land under their rule.

It is also an important duty of the lord or the lady to protect their resources and developments from the opponent lord or the lady or from the raiders. The key to achieve success is having enthusiastic and energetic farmers and knights. Moreover, the lord or the lady also have the option to form an alliance with other powerful lord or lady to compete with the rivals effectively.

  • Conquer

After conquering the hurdles in the way bravely, the lord or the lady that makes through it becomes the king or the queen. This is the final stage or rank in the Blocklords. The ruling strategies and method adopted by the king or queen is totally up to them that whether they rule fairly or treat their people harshly.

The important duties of the ruling party include management of currency, making agreements of trade, managing the armies and looking after the conquered region.

The king or the queen may fight for the alteration of their kingdom and participate in wars. In Blocklords, the maps that are being designed can be changed. They are altered with the results of the wars. All the subjects lying under the king, or the queen are affected by any decision they make. Therefore, it is always preferred to take any decision after thinking properly and utilize their power wisely.

The rulers who want to keep their reign intact, usually solve the problems using diplomacy and smartness. In case they are left with no other choice to get their rights, only then they choose to fight and indulge themselves in war.

How Money Can Be Earned in Blocklords?

The expert players, who want to have a decisive experience in the environment all created by themselves, Blocklords offer a perfectly customized opportunity to them. The players can enjoy the thrill and exciting features of the game and also get the major opportunity of earning money through it.

In the game Blocklords, the major economic assets of the game are the heroes of the game that are provided with certain chosen attributes. Moreover, additional earnings can be made from participating in activities and winning them. These activities may include winning the battles, fighting with the robbers, trading, farming and supporting the allies.

The economy in the game is owned by the players where they get the rewards without considering the role that they play in the game. The players in the game that possess excellent leadership qualities and compete other effectively resulting in winning the battles own more value than other competitors. These players can get earning opportunities by utilizing these increased values.

On the platform of Immutable X, the powerful heroes in the Blocklords can be sold by the players. Moreover, the game also provides the opportunity to the players that they can import their heroes and also initiate the wars if they want to conquer certain territory.

They can also upgrade the level of their heroes by using the leverage opportunities. Moreover, the nonfungible tokens can be sent outside of the game and using the IMX market platform, they can be sold by the players.

In Blocklords, using any marketplace that supports the Immutable X platform, the Tradable NFT heroes can be sold. These heroes (NFTs) in the game can also be utilized by the players to conquer any region by launching a battle. This helps in upgradation of the heroes and also provides the opportunity to sell them at any suitable marketplace.

What is the Future of Blocklords Game?

Pools of dedicated gamers are involved in the games that are played strategically. Such games involve a lot of thrill and competition for the players whether we talk about the ancient game of chess or Blocklords. The addition of blockchain network has led to a situation where the games still exist over the network and the economy is driven by the users playing it.

The advancement in technology has provided the opportunity to the players where they can invest their time, money and energy to excel in the game and ultimately earn money. The biggest advantage it provides is that it offers a controlled environment to the players.

Blocklords offers the players to play and draft strategies at a greater scale. It does not matter if the player is a beginner or an expert, both can enjoy and gain further experience in the game by engaging effectively.

The players initiate playing as farmers and then excel in the game after competing others and become knight or raiders, then further compete to become lor or lady and then the one who passes all the obstacles ultimately becomes the king or the queen.

In addition to playing, Blocklords also teaches the players many other social skills such as engaging with other, managing things and collectively building a team.

Therefore, this game should not only be considered as a source of thrill and enjoyment, rather it also instills many healthy life-enhancing attributes in a person. One can think of Blocklords as a role model for the developers of the future strategy games.


In the game Blocklords starting from scratch, one has to build his entire empire by competing and fighting with other participants. The one who excels in all wars and competitions becomes the ultimate ruler of the region. This game also provides the opportunity to the players to earn money by investing their energy and skills properly.

It all depends on the player that he wants to stay as a normal farmer in the game or build his kingdom by competing with others.

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