UPS Files Application To Offer Retail Shipping And Other Services In The Metaverse

United Parcel Service (UPS), a global shipping firm based in the United States, plans to expand its operations into the virtual world. Mike Kondoudis, a trademark lawyer specializing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announced the development in a tweet on Tuesday morning. Kondoudis noted that the company had submitted new filings to authorize United Parcel Service’s trademarks, UPS, UPS Store, and the UPS Logo.

The company filed the applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on the 5th of April. The applications address various virtual and non-fungible tokens. The company aims to provide virtual items, such as virtual apparel, parcels, automobiles, aircraft, and sports memorabilia, as well as markets for digital products and NFT-based media and virtual retail shipping and delivery services.

When asked his thoughts on UPS’ intention to join the metaverse bandwagon, Kondoudis responded, saying,

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“UPS is a well-known worldwide delivery and shipping brand, and the potential associated with its patents is considerable. As the company penetrates the metaverse, these applications are the only natural step in ensuring its protection.”

Attempting To Get A Competitive Edge By Being The First To Enter The Market

According to Kondoudis, UPS’s patent applications indicate that the company believes that the metaverse has potential. He went on to say that UPS is planning to become a dominant player in the virtual world in the future. Also, the company’s filings might set off a surge that will cause other companies in the logistics, shipping, and packaging business to submit numerous applications soon. 

He came to a conclusion by saying,

“Specifically, we anticipate a rise in trademark applications for virtual products from the logistics, shipping, and delivery service sector before the end of the year as companies recognize the need for trademark rights in the virtual world.”

Major Companies Key Into The Metaverse Dream

Following Facebook’s rebranding as Meta and the announcement of its metaverse goals, significant firms such as Disney and Samsung flocked to the digital world in droves. Ever since the metaverse craze has continued unabated, major corporations are increasingly developing methods for incorporating NFTs and the multiverse into their business plans and operations.

On the 4th of April, the financial services firm Mastercard also submitted 15 trademark applications pertaining to the metaverse and NFT technology. These applications include NFT-backed multimedia, processing of payments and transactions, digital products and NFT markets, and e-commerce operations in the multiverse. The 15 filings included Priceless, Mastercard, and the company’s Logo. 

Wendy’s fast-food also submitted applications for Frosty, Baconator, Wendyverse, Wendy’s, and their Logo on the 6th of April. Among these applications are virtual meals and beverages, digital tokens and NFTs, virtual storefronts with virtual commodities, and virtual communities on the internet. More companies are expected to join the metaverse soon given the popularity it is gaining worldwide. 

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