Toyota And Nissan Enter The Digital World With Different Approach

Two Asian automobile manufacturers, Toyota and Nissan, took their first forays into the virtual world by establishing virtual workplaces and hosting events for their communities. Experimenting with the Virtual world has grown popular among large corporations and brands. Toyota and Nissan, the world’s top automobile manufacturers, have noticed it and decided to join.

In a press release issued on the 22nd of April, Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan announced their entrance into the Multiverse. They plan to provide immersive interactive experiences to customers, organize virtual events, and also establish digital care centers for customers.

Based on reports in Japanese news publication Nikkei Asia, the companies are trying to reinvent the usage of the Metaverse space by providing interactive exhibitions of automobiles through the usage of VR (virtual reality). This is accomplished through their collaboration with VRChat, a startup company in video game development.

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The Metaverse: Toyota And Nissan’s Approach

Nissan will devote its resources to developing VR- based spaces for its clients. Meanwhile, Toyota will emphasize remote workplace conditions, constructing workstations for its employees where they may communicate about technological breakthroughs via the usage of avatars. Some of Toyota’s workshops will no longer be held in person but will instead happen in the Virtual world. According to a corporate spokesman, the challenges created by the covid are causing this alternative workspace to become available.

“Due to the pandemic, more individuals are working remotely. We want to provide young workers and other employees with new communication alternatives inside the organization,” said the representative.

Presently, Toyota and Nissan have not publicly announced where their new facilities would be located, so the public would wait to see if they will pick a centralized digital platform such as Meta’s, or use a decentralized service such as Decentraland, to house their new operations.

Automobile Businesses Are Expanding Their Reach Into The Digital World

Although both companies are not among the first car manufacturers to invest in the latest technology, they are among the most successful. Companies like Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen started campaigns in April to publicize their Metaverse entrance, with prizes like the newest PlayStation 5 and professional driving training at Volkswagen’s academies being given away as part of the promotion.

Because of the “new world” provided by the Metaverse, Bridget Harpur, director of marketing for Volkswagen, stated the company’s “extraordinary influence on the customer” had led them to develop new events for its fans.

Although other luxurious automakers like Ferrari are still formalizing their entry into the Metaverse, they are already experimenting with the creation of NFTs by working with blockchain companies like Velas Network. One after the other, the vast majority of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers are placing their bets on the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies.

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