Top 3 Cardano-based Projects to Keep an Eye On

Cardano is often criticized for inflating its market presence by investing in content creators. However, the ADA investors insist that they have created new positions in ADA on account of the important projects, updates, and use cases.

The investors who are divided between the conflicts can take a look at the three important Cardano projects to make up their minds.

Thus far, Cardano native currency ADA has performed conservatively on account of the ongoing Crypto Winter. The blockchain project has continued to ingrain more updates consistently to improve its smart contracts.

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ADA has often touted itself as a direct competitor of Ethereum. To this end, the blockchain emphasized maintaining a healthy amount of scalability to ensure that it stays ahead of the curve.

Cardano dApps

The first noteworthy Cardano dApp is Minswap. This is a decentralized exchange and comes with a multi-faceted liquidity pool. The liquidity pool on this DEX consists of stablecoins and multi-asset pools that could grant some unique benefits to the users. It is also the largest TVL holding protocol on Cardano.

The Initial distribution of tokens conducted by Minswap was more inclusive than its contemporaries such as SundaeSwap.

The yield farming is limitless on Minswap and the DEX is also known for its transparency, low transaction gas, extra features, and open-sourced nature. The next important Cardano dApp is JPG Store.

Cardano’s NFT Store

JPG Store is an NFT store on Cardano that is an open-sourced platform that offers a simple user interface for users. The platform accounts for a major share of total Cardano capitalization.

On the other hand, it is also invested in the campaign to help the environment. To this end, this network donates 1% of its revenue to fund environmental projects.

The third most talked about Cardano project is a decentralized application called Indigo Protocol. Users can mint new tokens on Indigo by committing ADA or stablecoins.

The newly minted synthetic currencies hold the same market value as the committed digital currencies. In this manner, new tokens can start out holding considerable value by default.

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