Three Economists Win Nobel Prize By Debunking the Banking System

Three economists were given the Nobel Prize in the field of economic sciences for the discoveries made by them to improve the dealing of society with crises related to finance. A study was conducted by Philip Dybvig, Douglas Diamond, and Ben Bernanke on the role that banks play regarding the economy at times when a financial crisis occurs.

Three Economists Obtain the Nobel Prize by Exposing the Banking System

As per the Nobel Prize Organization, the respective research took into account a significant finding dealing with the reason behind the vitality of avoiding the banks’ collapse.

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As stated by Tore Ellingsen (the person chairing the committee specified for the economic sciences-related prize), the insights of the laureates have enhanced the knowledge and capability to evade both expensive bailouts and serious crises.

Diamond points toward the banks’ significant role as the intermediaries between borrowers and savers. The depositors can openly access the funds in their possession while the borrowers can have an option to receive loans for long terms.

In addition to the huge participation of the banks, the study additionally refers to the vulnerabilities that the banking institutions have, spurring the rumors related to the looming collapse of these institutions.

Analysts Highlight the Increasing Interest of People in DeFi

As the world of Web3 and cryptocurrency has come forth to the mainstream, a lot of exclusive things are being confronted by the banks taking into account the adaptations and challenges.

At present, consumers are taking more interest in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi). This is because of the reason that they do not require any middleman to play their part between their liquid assets and them.

Decentralized finance, while looking at it from a noncustodial perspective, lets consumers autonomously access the financial instruments required by them. It has also turned into an increasingly utilized instrument to assist unbanked people.

Nonetheless, as reported on the behalf of an analyst from Bloomberg, several – who are familiar with the security in the case of conventional finance – are feared of some unknown factors in the case of crypto and DeFi.

The banking organizations and the well-known TradFi institutions have been inspired by the useful and relevant role that crypto assets play in the sector of finance. As per the Basel Committee’s data, banks across the globe possess crypto assets of nearly 9.4B worth in euros.

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