Swissquote Review – Is Swissquote Scam or a Good Broker?

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This is a review of (just to clear any doubts). This broker that we are reviewing for you today at Best Forex World is a high quality broker by the name of Swissquote. The trading platform is fast and sleek and suited for both novice and expert traders. Keep reading our Swissquote review to learn more or visit their website in the link below.

Swissquote Review

Swissquote logoAll over the world, there is great hype for forex trading. Everyone is looking for new and safe platforms to get into this profession. Swissquote is a platform that offers the best trading experience to its customers. It is loaded with all new features and state-of-the-art tools that one may need for learning all about forex and crypto trading. Swissquote is equally helpful to newbies and professional traders.

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It offers specialized training programs that start from the basics and move all the way to the top. Swissquote offers millions of products safely and securely for its customers. It is based on Meta Trader and Robo-Advisor, which are essential for any forex trading setup. Moreover, it is extremely user-friendly and offers a much better user interface than its competitors.

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Swissquote is equipped with various features. A few of them are listed below.

Learning platform

Swissquote offers a wide range of courses that range from beginner to expert level. It offers short videos for crash courses and long videos for detailed courses as well. Swissquote has a rich library with a collection of various webinars and experiences of top professional traders. The main aim of this library is to enable customers to get a head start. Moreover, Swissquote also offers a diverse range of ebooks on forex trading, crypto trading and stock investing.

Market Analysis

The quality of market analysis provided by Swissquote is unparalleled. The founders of Swissquote have made sure that the platform is equipped with the latest and verified news from around the globe. In this regard, AI software is developed which gathers all the important information and then filters the result uniquely tailored for the customer. This feature is added to make sure that customer is always placed in touch with the latest happenings around the globe. An accurate market analysis is crucial in making the right decisions.

Platforms and Trading Tools

Swissquote trading platform

Swissquote is equipped with the latest and best-performing trading tools that enable the client to make the right trades at the right time to earn maximum profit. ‘Meta Trader’ is one of the world’s leading trading tools and almost all professional traders rely upon this tool to make informed trades. With Swissquote, you can have full access to this tool. Moreover, Swissquote also offers Robo-Advisor, which is an upgradation of the Meta Trader. Therefore, just by the addition of one trading tool, customers can make better decisions and earn more profit.

Customer Centric

Customer Service is at the heart of Swissquote. It is their top priority to satisfy the needs and demands of their customers. Swissquote has three advantages up its sleeve that give it an edge over its competitors. Firstly, it is ensured by the security of a Swiss bank. Swissquote is a global leader in providing financial services and online trading. It is also listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange and regulated by FINMA. The very fact that Swissquote is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange which is enough proof to show the long-term commitment to its customers.

Secondly, Swissquote offers extremely low prices to its customers. It is their ambition to serve their clients at the optimum level by eliminating all extra fees. Lastly, Swissquote has cutting-edge technology that empowers its customers to take maximum advantage of the trades they carry out. It offers high-performance applications that turn the tide in favour of the customer. Moreover, the developing team works around the clock to make these applications even better.


Swissquote offers state-of-the-art tools and services to its customers at extremely competitive rates. It is equipped with the latest newsfeed that offers the best market analysis that enables customers to make informed decisions. Swissquote always prefers customer satisfaction, and the platform always has a team of developers working for continuous improvement. Lastly, Swissquote offers online courses and various ebooks on a wide range of topics that are specifically tailored for its customers to gain maximum profit.

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