NFTs are the “Most Vibrant Part” of the ADA Ecosystem, Says Cardano Founder

Charles Hoskinson has shared some recent insights with ADA stakeholders in a recent podcast. He talked about the various issues and misconceptions connected to NFTs. During the interview, he maintained that the crypto market is currently undergoing a rough patch. Despite the current obstacles, the founder of the Cardano blockchain has retained a positive outlook.

Addressing the increasing fear among crypto investors, he nominated NFTs as one of the chief trading units within the Cardano ecosystem.

He shared some important insights about the NFT trading particulars with the viewers of the podcast. At one point during the stream, Hoskinson called NFTs one of the most vibrant parts of Cardano ecology.

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NFTs have Become an Integral Part of the Cardano Network

Hoskinson was co-chairing the podcast with IOG President Tamara Haasen. During the discussion, he relayed that NFTs have become an important unit of the Cardano network and blockchain development system.

He shared that thus far, the Cardano network has hosted more than 8 million NFTs which has made it one of the fastest-moving assets on the Cardano network.

He further exclaimed that more than half of crypto assets in the Cardano ecosystem are associated with the NFT market directly or indirectly. He further mentioned that the stakeholders on the network are looking forward to the impact of NFT engagement in terms of security, retention, goodwill, and bringing more traction.

Some of the top NFT projects on the Cardano network, such as Satellite CNFT, JPG Store, and The Piggy Banking Barn, have rubbed shoulders with other online phenomena like AGIX, Eternal, and AI in terms of popularity.

Meanwhile, Hoskinson has also shared some new upgrades geared towards NFT development, such as domain-specific language or DSL to incentivize writers and financial contracts called Marlowe.

Hoskinson also shared that the devs from the Atala PRISM project on Cardano are also collaborating on Marlowe NFTs project to incorporate intellectual property features.

On the other hand, IOG developers have shared reports on advancements made on the SECP primitives, v1.35.6 node release, and wrapping up benchmarking runs.

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