Louis Vuitton Launches Raffle Draw For New NFTs

Louis Vuitton announces that it will be releasing a novel NFT line to benefit its community. 

Raffle Draw For NFTs 

To attract NFT users to its mobile gaming app, Louis: The Game, a leading fashion company, Louis Vuitton is releasing new NFTs that will be attached to the game. Gamers who acquire a particular amount of bonus NFTs will be qualified to participate in a draw to win the new NFTs. 

Participants in the lottery will have a shot to get one out of the ten latest Vivienne NFTs that can be used across numerous platforms. According to the fashion company, the raffle draw is open until the 8th of August.

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Louis Vuitton Showed Early Interest In NFTs 

Louis Vuitton launched its mobile game in August last year. It is centered on Vivienne, an avatar who moves around collecting postcards that provide facts about the company that is hidden within the game. The company has also introduced new tasks to spice up the game as part of the improvement. The gaming NFTs were developed with Beeple’s organization, Wenew Labs. Beeple sold an NFT in March last year for over $69 million.

The Fashion Industry Moves Into The Digital World 

Since some fashion and luxury companies are already using NFT, the company’s entry into this market is not unexpected. Burberry developed an NFT avatar for their multiplayer online game, Blankos Block Party, to attract more users to its game.

The mascot, named Sharky B, clothed in Burberry monotone, was first introduced in August 2021. Burberry’s Chief Marketing Leader, Rob Manley, said, “Pushing limits via innovation is at the core of our operations at Burberry. The company is always exploring new ways to interact with its communities where they like.”

These companies are attempting to reach a younger market via web3 technologies such as NFTs. The virtual platform, Decentraland, hosted a metaverse fashion week earlier this month which was the first of its kind. Several labels were represented, including Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Forever 21.

Although these ideas have promise, their popularity seems to outpace the present level of public interest. Piper Sandler stated that just 3,050 out of over 7,100 youths interviewed in the US are intrigued with the Metaverse. Also, 26 percent of respondents possess the VR gear required to enter the Virtual world.

However, most of these firms are not deterred by these statistics. For Louis Vuitton’s game, over two million individuals have downloaded the application, and over seven million have purchased items from Nike’s shop in Roblox.

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