Is It Possible To Sell Physical Items As NFTs? – A Detailed Guide

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have become the mainstream entity in the crypto ecosystem. The increase in the million-dollar sales and increased number of cyber-attacks have provided an enhanced exposure to the nonfungible tokens in the market. With the increased demand of metaverse, digital art and music in the industry, NFTs are also creating their special place.

Here is a detailed article that will explain the importance of selling almost all physical entities in the form of tokens and the practical applications of NFTs in the crypto world.

What are Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs)?

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A special kind of unit of data on the blockchain that can be further integrated with digital and physical assets is called as a nonfungible token (NFT). It provides a permanent proof of ownership to the consumers that cannot be interfered with. The data that is present on the nonfungible tokens can be linked with different entities such as music, videos, songs, images, real estate, digital art etc.

Moreover, they can also be used to provide the access to the users to any digital event by providing the tickets, or to any merchandise happening or any luxurious physical asset such as yacht or any car etc. Therefore, by using the blockchain technology, the users can get the opportunity of creating, buying or selling any physical entity.

Characteristics of Nonfungible Tokens

Some of the distinct qualities of NFTs are mentioned below.

  • Unique

Every nonfungible token is unique and there is a defined number that could be produced by each seller. This controls their supply in the market and keeps their demand high.

  • Proof of Ownership

When anyone buys an NFT, he gets the access to multiple rights regarding it including the ownership. The ownership of any digital asset being linked with NFTs is recorded over the blockchain network. This could be accessed by anyone and can be verified multiple times.

  • Immutable

The details and credentials related with the nonfungible tokens cannot be interfered and no one can tamper it over the blockchain network. This adds to the transparency and reliability of NFT technology.

  • Programmable

NFT smart contracts have a number of applications in the real world. In the decentralized financial protocol, it can also find a number of applications.

What is the Difference Between NFTs and other Cryptocurrencies?

To carry out any transaction over the blockchain, cryptocurrency is used. One can convert the traditional currencies to cryptocurrencies or even buy it. However, the cryptocurrency is further used to buy the nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The value of the nonfungible tokens does not depend on the currency that is used to buy it. The value of the NFTs can vary accordingly.

Therefore, the cryptocurrencies are fungible and NFTs are referred as nonfungible. Nonfungible tokens are unique in their kind. This means that no two nonfungible tokens match with each other. Every nonfungible token has a unique set of data over it.

Why Should Physical Items be Sold as NFTs?

After the integration of the nonfungible tokens with the digital and physical assets, the increase in the demand of NFTs have become very high. Below are mentioned a few reasons that help to understand that why should people own NFTs.

  • Collectability

Nonfungible tokens provide a unique opportunity to the customers who aim at creating a collection of digital assets. No one before the nonfungible tokens such as any art market or traditional collectibles has provided this opportunity to the customers.

  • Investment

Many investor think of NFTs as an investment similar to the conventional art. The consumers holding the nonfungible tokens only want that the value of their assets increase with time.

On the other hand, it should also be kept in mind that the crypto market is volatile and investment in nonfungible tokens could also lead any consumer to a loss.

  • Community

There are many social benefits that are linked with owning NFTs. Many prominent communities have appeared at front after getting the ownership of nonfungible tokens. It may provide the users an access to a ticket for meetups that are held virtually, a vote for the future project or any other commodities in a massive number.

  • Empowerment of Artists

The nonfungible tokens enable the artists to sell their work independently and earn the revenue out of it. They can have the creative control over their assets and can retain the IP. Thus, owning the nonfungible tokens can help in the empowerment of the artists and also provides them financial support.

Myths About NFTS Being a Scam

As NFTs have a broad range of applications in digital market such as drug development, supply chain, gated communities but the most commonly known is its application in digital art trade and in every phenomenon involving trade and money transactions the risk of scams always awaits.

There is more news about NFT scams as scammers and the cyber criminals hacked the users from Nifty Gateway a year ago and took home abundant NFTs. They even utilized the credit cards of the people who had not activated any security measures such as two factor authentication to further buy NFTs almost up to worth $10 million per account.

NFTs are not a scam but they are more vulnerable to be stolen. With the rising popularity of NFTs among the masses the number of hackers is multiplying, and the technological techniques used by them are also getting advanced.

What is a Physical NFT?

Linked with the assets that are present off chain such as antiques, consumer goods or sports collectibles, the nonfungible tokens have been created and sold in the market. By linking the nonfungible tokens with the physical assets, the nonfungible tokens are used as a validation of the ownership of any physical entity such as any real estate or any automobile.

Similar to any traditional nonfungible tokens, physical NFTs can also be traded in the market, or they can be retrieved with the physical assets they are linked with.

How Could Physical Items Be Sold as NFTs?

A number of larger firms are making out nonfungible tokens out of every physical item. It has become possible to convert anything in the form of tokens these days practically. However, it is the application of NFTs in real estate and property that has created a confusion in the mind of the customers.

Everyone who deals with the property matters understands that it is not easy to get the ownership of any property. It is a real time consuming and lengthy procedure. There is a lot of paperwork and mandatory formalities in order to own a property.

However, NFTs have made the things easier for the people. They carry out all the procedures in a lesser time and at a higher speed than usual with the use of blockchain network.

This also decreases the chances of any scam activities or any dispute between the buyer and the seller. Moreover, it now encourages the dealers to carry out trade processes in cryptocurrencies instead of traditional currencies. Many well-known firms and businesses are now turning this concept into reality. Miami is one of those businesses.

Can Lucrative World of Collectibles be Modernized by Using It?

Yes, it will be modernized, and it will also increase the security and safety of the matters while trading. As Pokemon cards have appeared on the screen again and are becoming popular once again, in the recent years, the Sports memorabilia has also gained much popularity. All the items that are present in the actual world can be digitally represented by using the NFTs.

This helps the consumers to keep a track of all the activities by creating multiple copies of the real ones. Thus, it also facilitates in keeping a fair record of all the trade being carried out that could be needed anywhere in the future.

There are some companies dealing with crypto that provide the services of the custody the collectibles with blue chips. This is done so to make sure that the collectibles are kept in a mint condition and a safer environment.

One may think of it as an illogical idea in the start but if one considers the memorabilia as an investment opportunity, it could prove really captivating. Moreover, in the secondary markets, it can also make the process of auction smoother and easier.

Are Physical NFTs Being Integrated with the Larger Brands?

Though the occurrence of bear market has decreased the trading volumes, still there are many companies that are going to join the physical NFTs in the upcoming years. Some of the mainstream brands such as Nike has topped the list when it comes to generating income from the nonfungible tokens.

A massive revenue of 185 million dollars has been generated by a sportswear design according to some recent studies. It has also been ranked as number one in the domain of the digital sneakers. This all has been made possible due to the Web3 studio RTFKT wise purchase.

However, Nike is not only putting efforts to make sure that in the advanced virtually created world, the collection in the Metaverse is presentable. It also is paying heed to the real-world digital designs of the sneakers that are being bought by the customers to encroach with the collection of the nonfungible tokens.

This does not stop the innovation here and a new wave for the fashion industry would be created by using this approach. Another approach for the music fans is the creation of the ticket stubs for after they attend any concert. They can stick it on the walls of the venue, to keep it as an ever-lasting memory that says I was here.

Such NFT tickets are now being established by the Ticketmaster that will serve as a memory of being there and will stay on the blockchain forever too. Moreover, Proof of Attendance Protocols (POAPs) is another form of this NFT technology that is taking this concept over the new horizons.

How Could the Scams be Avoided?

In order to take the buyers into confidence about their purchases, it is important to make sure that the authenticity, the ownership rights, the condition and the provenance of any asset is verified beforehand. The industry of the nonfungible tokens has set certain standards that could facilitate in this matter.

It is very important to have no second opinion about who will own the rights to take the physical items that back up the nonfungible tokens, out of the vault once they are kept inside initially.

In order to access the background behind any transaction and to find out the information about the condition of any physical item, the task could also be handed over to the external auditors. The data then collected by them can be ultimately summed up into metadata.

Gaining the reputation in the market of being reliable and trustworthy, is so very important for any nonfungible token platform more than any other matter. In case any collectible is bought from one of these platforms, then it has to ensure the customers that it is in the safe hands.

How to Deal in Case Anything Goes Wrong?

The NFT technology is still in the developing stage and the legal system still lacks the measures to deal with any kind of dispute that may happen between the buyer and the seller. Therefore, in case of any civil action, the gradation that surrounds the digital assets may go missing. On the other hand, the lawmakers still have to face the massive legal bills in such situations.

There is a newly emerging protocol called as Mattereum, that is aiming to make the things happen in a different way. It delivers the transferable proofs of digital ownership to the customers.

By the creation of reliable nonfungible tokens for the physical items and the legal mechanisms for solving any dispute, this protocol is offering its customers a technical and legal capability that can be feasibly deployed in more than 10 jurisdictions all around the globe.

A bond between the ownership of a physical asset and the ownership of a nonfungible token can be created by owning such smart contracts. It is applicable for all kinds of assets whether it is any rare instrument, an expensive car or any other entity such as bottles of any soft drink.

This approach has a number of advantages for the customers, but it is a possibility that it takes a little longer time when applied for the first time. The value of any asset increases considerably when its authenticity is validated by proper documentation process.

This also increases the chances of the sale of any asset in the market. Moreover, it helps in the creation of a proper legal framework that could prove helpful in the future.

Possible Challenges That Could be Faced by NFT Sector in Future

In order to discuss the nonfungible tokens integrated with the physical entities, Mattereum has dedicated a complete event for it on September 21. The timings of the event were 6pm according to London time, 10am in California, 1pm in New York and 7pm in Berlin.

To discuss that how massive revenue could be generated by Mattereum if it adopts this approach of hooking up the physical entities such as fine art, real estate or red wine with the nonfungible tokens, another similar was also organized in July 2022.

The public will now increase the adoption frequency as the number of companies owning the blue chips is increasing massively in crypto space. Mattereum is very enthusiastic and determined about putting the crypto industry to the correct path, in addition to keeping the protection of assets of the customer as the utmost priority.

With the increased demand of NFTs in the market, the cybercriminals and scammers have also become active and trap the users in their scams. Therefore, it is important to carry out thorough research regarding the companies and beware of the fake sellers and non-reliable traders in the market.

Is It Worth It to Buy Nonfungible Tokens?

There is always a risk involved when it comes to trade and investment in any domain and crypto currencies being different from the traditional ones involve a higher risk factor. It is a bitter truth that the NFT scams have become a common practice in crypto world and with the escalating number of scams people consider NFT as only a scam ignoring the other side of the picture.

People usually get scammed in the utter excitement of making millions of dollars in the NFT and crypto domain without taking all the prerequisite security measures. But if they take correct measures in the right direction could help in creating a handsome revenue for one.


There are a number of applications of nonfungible tokens integrating to the digital and physical assets. The physical nonfungible tokens have the applications in the real-world domains where the traceability, authentication and certification can be made sure by the blockchain technology such as supply chain.

Some of the experts are of the view that one of the most power use cases of NFTs is the linkage between the physical assets and nonfungible tokens.

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