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This is a review of (just to clear any doubts). This broker that we are reviewing for you today at Best Forex World is a high quality broker by the name of Investirex. The trading platform is fast and sleek and suited for both novice and expert traders. Keep reading our Investirex review to learn more or visit their website in the link below.

Investirex Review

Investirex logoYou have to know that there is a huge difference between attractive trading features and the features that you really need as a trader. This is a difference that you understand after you have been trading for some years. I have spent many years as a part of this industry, researching and reviewing online platforms.

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I can tell you that you must only look for features that give you value. If you even slightly agree with me, I think you should definitely read this complete Investirex review.

I don’t mean to influence your trading choice with this review, but I definitely want you to know which choices you have available. You don’t want to sign up with a company and then realize that you had a better option available too. Let me talk about the features that are not only important but greatly catered to by this company.

Investirex website

Deposits, Margin Loans, and Leverages

You can see that I am about to talk about three completely different things here. However, if you think closely, they are related to each other in a way. They show you how easy the company makes trading for you. Firstly, you have six account types and the higher you go on the list, the more they are suitable for advanced traders.

You should go with the Standard account that requires a deposit of $10,000. With that deposit, you can still expect to get a margin loan of 25%. This loan can be as high as 100% if you go with the last account on the last.

Things start to get even better when you look at the leverages you get with these trading accounts. Right off the bat, you have leverages of 1:200 available to you with the standard account. These leverages can get as big as 1:400 when you go with a higher account. Can it get better than that?

Safety, Protection, and Encryption

Safety is something you must not take for granted or else you could end up making a decision that you only regret. I can tell you that there are some companies on the internet that only pretend to be companies, but they are not. If you sign up with Investirex, I can assure you that you will not have any unknown fears.

The company has provided you with a physical address on the website, which means it is a real and legitimate entity. You also have a phone number and email address for further clarity.

The website uses encryption to ensure that your information is safe. Furthermore, the money deposited by any trader goes into regulated banks that keep your money safe and provide with transparent banking services. Last but not least, the company complies with the KYC and AML policies, ensuring every trader that signs up with it is legitimate and trading legally.

Thousands of Assets from Various Asset Classes

Investirex trading assets

You will find a variety of online brokers and trading platforms that brag about their asset index. They offer you hundreds of assets from many asset classes. However, I am sure you have not found many that can say that you can trade from thousands of different assets.

Yes, you can trade thousands of assets that come from various asset classes. Trade many digital currencies available today and go with forex currency pairs that include minor, major, and exotic pairs.

You can also trade company shares, which are called stocks, and find hundreds of entries within that category only. Other assets that you can trade include but are not limited to indices, metals, energies, and agricultural assets.

Final Thoughts

Don’t ever focus on things you don’t need and never pay for things you are not going to use. I am giving you this piece of advice because a lot of new traders sign up with companies with expensive accounts and get nothing in return. However, with Investirex, you can get some really amazing trading features if you open the standard account with just $10,000.

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