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This is a review of (just to clear any doubts). This broker that we are reviewing for you today at Best Forex World is a high quality broker by the name of InteracInvestor. The trading platform is fast and sleek and suited for both novice and expert traders. Keep reading our InteracInvestor review to learn more or visit their website in the link below.

InteracInvestor Review

InteracInvestor logoDo you want to take your trading skills to the next level? Are you wondering what resources you need to achieve that goal? While there is a lot that you need to cover, the first step is to be on a trading platform that will provide you with all those resources. If you have chosen the right system to be a part of, I am sure you will not need anything else. With the professional team by your side, you will have all your trading needs met. I believe my InteracInvestor review should help you discover that team.

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New traders can have hundreds of questions on their minds before they start trading. It is understandable and most online brokers know what questions they have. However, not all these companies address those questions. Only a few do and they stand out from the crowd. My reason for reviewing InteracInvestor is that this company really understands those questions and addresses in an ideal way. The trading system of this company is something that propels you into your trading career, helps you along the way, and turns you into a trader with consistent results.

If you are ready to put your heart and soul into trading, I am sure this platform will be your last trading platform. You can go from a beginner to a professional with this company. Let me tell you how and why.

Broker InteracInvestor
Type of Trading CFD Trading
Available Instruments Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Forex
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Maximum Margin Loan Up to 100%
Types of Accounts 5 (Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP, Pro)
Minimum Initial Deposit $10,000
Trading Platform Web Trader
Customer Support 24/5

 Great Choice of Trading Accounts

The trading account you pick can mean a lot in how you build your trading career. Of course, you should start with one that suits you as a beginning trader. However, not all companies have the right type of accounts to offer. I have seen some that offer only a couple of accounts because they think they are doing you a favor.

How are they doing you a favor? Well, they believe offering too many options to traders can distract them and get them confused. That’s not true at all. Starting a trading career should be done patiently. Only someone who is in a hurry will be confused with many options.

InteracInvestor website

I recommend you look at all the accounts, read their details, and know their features before you pick one. With InteracInvestor, you have 5 accounts and each one has a different set of features for you. The company has named its accounts as Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP, and Pro. With these trading accounts, you can always pick one that you think will suit your needs and address your concerns as a trader.

Not to mention, the company has created these accounts also for helping different traders with different budgets. Not everyone has the same amount of money and while some accounts are easy to open for some traders, other traders would find opening the same account difficult.

If you have $10,000 to start your trading account, you can go with the Standard account. With this one, most of the features you get are pretty standard. There is nothing fancy, but don’t be under the impression that it is limited in any way. If you look closely, it offers you everything that you would want from your trading account. The silver account will offer you a bit more and you can start with only $50,000. It is amazing that you do get an account manager to work with you even when you go with the most basic account type.

Portfolio Progress and Account Manager Support

There are certain services that most companies usually charge you extra for. I can tell you because I have seen them all. In a lot of the cases, they don’t offer you anything more than the basic features within your basic trading account. if you want to take advantage of a mentor, an account manager, or a portfolio manager, you usually have to sign up with an advanced account. I am amazed that InteracInvestor threw in these amazing options for its traders right from the beginning. Sign up with a basic trading account and you will have an account manager.

The account manager should be able to provide you with direction on your trading. Whether you should trade an asset or within an asset class or not can be best known when you have a professional by your side. In addition to that, you will also have the portfolio manager to help you when you go with the silver account or any other trading account after that. The portfolio manager helps you build a portfolio that not only looks great but offers you a greater chance at making profits on your trades.

They guide you on the assets you should be trading based on your budget, trading habits, trading techniques, and financial goals. If you are someone with a big budget and tolerance to losses, they might recommend you assets that are a bit risky to trade but offer you some great returns. On the other hand, if you are the kind who likes to stay on the safe side, they will make sure to help you build a less risky portfolio. Keep in mind that they can mix things up to help you reach your financial goals. Sometimes, your trading strategies don’t align with what you want to achieve and that’s where a portfolio manager can greatly help you.

Leverages, Spreads, and Overall Trading Conditions

You can’t really know how good the trading conditions are unless you sign up with a trading platform and start trading. However, you can always base your decisions on the advice from experts. I might not be the best trader in the world, but I can definitely tell you a few things based on my experience. The first thing you should be looking at before you sign up with a broker is the spread column. How much spreads are you going to pay on your trades? If the spreads are loose, this means you will lose a lot of money on each trade.

To simplify things, you can take spreads as commissions. So, the bigger the spread, the bigger the commission you will pay on your trades. Now, here is something that will bring a smile on your face. The minimum spreads from InteracInvestor can be as low as 0.1 pips. You can’t get any better than this. The company really knows how to make trading a breeze for you and is offering you some really tight spreads. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay commissions on other things. Whether you are trading or depositing funds in your account, there are no hidden commissions to pay.

Furthermore, you have some big leverages that you can enjoy on your trades when you are on this platform. I can tell you that anything under leverages that is more than 1:100 is huge. Most brokers will take pride in offering you leverages of up to 1:100, and when you sign up with InteracInvestor, you will start with leverages of 1:200. Isn’t that great? What do you know, when you rise in levels as a trader, you will have bigger leverages on your trades. The maximum leverage that you can have when you sign up with the company is 1:400.

Experienced Customer Service Staff

InteracInvestor customer service

The customer support staff is there to help you day and night. However, you will find them available during the working days only. So, from Monday to Friday, they are there to help you with your questions and queries around the clock. The important thing is that they are available to you on multiple phone lines and even email address. If you are not in a hurry, you can go with the email option. I am sure you will not have to wait for hours in the queue before someone finally talks to you. The difference that you will notice is in how they treat you.

When you talk to them, you will feel that you are talking to professionals. These agents have been trained to listen to the customers and provide them with the best answer possible in the most understandable manner. They don’t cut you off or make you feel as though there is no solution to your problem, and I think that’s huge. With many online trading services provider, they either don’t have great customer support staff or they think an FAQs page on the website would suffice.

So, when you sign up with a company that really cares about you, it is evident from the many services you get from it. I think InteracInvestor has done a great job of providing great customer support to its traders.

A Platform Suited to Your Needs

The trading platform from InteracInvestor is also a great offering from the company because it has been designed with modern traders at its core. Firstly, I am sure you will not spend more than 10 minutes to understand this platform. I had once signed up with a company with a platform that looked like the control unit of the first NASA rocket to the moon. Such platforms look very advanced but what they do is they make you waste your time in learning them rather than learning how to trade. With this platform, you will be trading within minutes of landing on the platform.

All the tools that you need for trading are integrated onto the platform. Whether you need analyses of the assets or a summary of the financial market, you will see that all on your trading platform. Now, in addition to that, I have to mention the compatibility feature of the platform. You should know that it is a web-based platform, which means it runs on the web and does not require you to download it like you download other application and software tools on your devices. You just access the trading platform using your browser.

The best thing about this particular format of the platform is that you can access it from anywhere using any device you like. All your Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC devices will open the trading platform without any issues. Since it is in the web, you can open it from anywhere in the world. This proves to be a great solution for those who are usually traveling. You never have to download a fresh copy of the application. Just use the same platform from everywhere, which means you don’t have to go through the learning process over and over.

Assets from Multiple Classes

You will have access to a variety of asset classes when you sign up with InteracInvestor and this will help you grow your trading portfolio the way you like. Rather than investing your money within the same asset class, it makes more sense that you choose many and trade many assets within them. This helps you disperse your investments, allowing you to distribute your risks and losses. If one of the assets you have invested your money in is going down, you can hedge that loss with the rise of another asset on your portfolio.

Firstly, you have forex currency pairs in your reach, which means you can trade currency pairs that belong to many different countries. It is amazing that InteracInvestor offers you forex currency pairs not only with the biggest ones, such as USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, but some other pairs as well. This will allow you to trade exotic, minor, and major currency pairs from the same platform. Take your trading to the next level with indices trading. Also, you have hundreds of different stocks available for trading as well. Commodities will offer you wheat, silver, platinum, gold, crude oil, gas, and many other commodities for trading.

Final Thoughts

You can see how this company has created a system in which traders can really see themselves grow. Of course, you have the many account types as well so when you think you are growing, you can move to a higher and more advanced trading account. The system is pretty safe with encryption and segregation of funds. The customer support is great too. For me as a trader, I find all the good reasons to sign up with the company. What do you think?

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