Highly Anticipated Hard Fork for Cardano is Delayed Once Again

The teams at Input Output Global (IOG) have provided an update in regards to the deployment of a hard fork for Cardano through a blog post. IOG, which is a team known for the development of the Cardano network has shared an update about the hard fork implementation being delayed.

Hard Fork is Delayed

The name of the new hard fork for Cardano is ‘Vasil’ and it is being delayed, as confirmed by the IOG teams. Following the delay, the implementation of the hard fork is due to take place next month. The team had communicated the same to the shareholders and collaborators last Friday, during the evaluation call.

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Reason for Delaying the Hard Fork

The teams have revealed that they have been carrying out constant evaluations of the hard fork. They have established that the hard fork has several bugs, seven bugs to be precise that need fixing.

They revealed that although these bugs are not very severe, still, they do not want them around when the hard fork is deployed. The Cardano team wants to ensure that the new upgrade is free from any bugs or issues that can cause any kind of hindrance or inconvenience to the users.

Therefore, the Cardano teams have decided to further delay the upgrade. If things went as planned, then the public testnet for the hard fork would have been implemented yesterday.

IOG Wants to be Careful

IOG has shared information that they are also aiming to examine the entire upgrade. The seven bugs are also something that they want to check and get rid of before they implement the hard fork.

Based on the recent developments, the IOG has decided not to implement an upgrade (public testnet) as of yet. Instead, they will deal with all the problems and run all the necessary examinations before they implement the upgrade.

For now, the teams haven’t confirmed the date of implementation of the upgrade. However, they have confirmed that the new upgrade will be implemented somewhere by the end of June.

Once the public testnet for Cardano (Vasil) has been implemented, four weeks’ time will be allocated for it to run. During this time, they will monitor the way the people interact with the protocol and fix any problems as they arise.

Why Vasil Implementation is Important for Cardano

Ever since the major cryptocurrency protocols picked up, scalability and speed have proven to be the most unnerving issues. Almost every protocol has faced this problem and they are still trying to fix the problem with upgrades to their protocols.

Vasil is expected to offer the same solution to Cardano, which could bring in more adoption rate for its native token ADA. When that happens, the trading price of ADA may undergo a significant surge.

For now, the investors will have to wait it out and see exactly what is going to happen in the upcoming days with Vasil.

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