Hetzner Introduces New Anti-Crypto Policies

Just at the moment when the ecosystem of Ethereum is nearing the conclusive steps of getting ready for the highly significant The Merge upgrade, Hetzner (a cloud provider based in Germany) has repeated its negative standpoint against permitting the mining activities for the network’s applications whether they are PoW or PoS-based.

Hetzner Restricts Clients from Using PoS or PoW-Based Nodes on Ethereum Ecosystem

Hetzner, a cloud provider which is centrally controlled and private, did a discussion on operating blockchain nodes, indicating the terms of its services. It mentioned that the consumers are restricted from utilizing the services of the platform for crypto operations. Nonetheless, the community of Ethereum considered the respective disclosure to be a threat posed by the cloud services of Hetzner to the ecosystem.

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The cloud services of Hetzner count for hosting up to 16% of the nodes working on Ethereum’s platform. Historically, the reliance of crypto venues on centralized entities has been often considered to have a negative aspect in terms of sustenance for the long term. A Redditor objected to the anti-crypto policies that Hetzner (the 2nd largest host of Ethereum Mainnet) has laid down.

While eliminating the suspicions as well as the legal implications dealing with the utilization of its services to carry out crypto operations, Hetzner noted that the usage of their goods for any application that deals with mining – even distantly – is prohibited. The platforms additionally disclosed that the respective restriction takes into account operating nodes, farming, and mining, blockchain data storage, plotting, as well as trading.

It admitted that the substantial utilization of the services thereof is contributing to empowering Ethereum. Nevertheless, it asserted that they have been pondering over the ways to deal with the respective matter in a better way.

Hetzner cautioned the entire community and revealed that if any of the existing and new clients are not sure about the violation of the terms of services structured by the platform through their use case, then they should ask them.

Ethereum Depends on Several Centralized Platforms for Running Its Nodes

A great proportion of the ecosystem of Ethereum (nearly 54% of the nodes) is presently operating on Amazon.com. Apart from that, a few other cloud providers such as Oracle Cloud (hosting 4.1%), Google Cloud (hosting 2.7%), and Alibaba (hosting 2.8% of the nodes) are also offering their services to the network.

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