Goldman Sachs To Add Crypto Investment To Its Portfolio This Year

Goldman Sachs was one of those investment firms with a negative notion of the cryptocurrency market. However, the firm has made a U-turn as it reveals plans to add cryptocurrency to its investment options.

Mary Catherine Rich, the Digital Assets Manager, noted the Bank would start offering Bitcoin investment as well as for other cryptocurrencies. This investment plan will be for customers in the private wealth section of the bank. Mary Rich told CNBC in a special interview that the bank is working extremely hard to provide access to this new class of developing assets in the Q2 of 2022.

“We are collaborating closely with units throughout the company to identify methods to provide venture capital clients with meaningful and proper exposure to the digital ecosystem we anticipate providing in the coming months,” she stated. 

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Additionally, she said the organization is investigating the idea of delivering a comprehensive crypto investment toolbox through various investment vehicles.

Goldman Sachs Emulates Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley, a global financial services firm that works as a broker-dealer and investment bank, has stated that its asset managers would be allowed to provide BTC funds to its customers beginning in April. Goldman Sachs seeks to do this as a company.

As a result of new rules being implemented globally, many banks and financial institutions are incorporating digital assets into their financial planning programs and services. Additionally, the rise of digital currencies has been expanding tremendously in recent years as a result of institutions and important persons like Michael Saylor. Saylor has discovered a means to acquire crypto by asking for loans from cryptocurrency-friendly banks.

Growth Of Crypto Industry Piques The Interest Of Large Institutions

As stated by Mary Rich, their customer’s desire for cryptocurrency prompted them to explore new financial solutions centred on the cryptocurrency sector.

“There is a segment of investors that see crypto as security against inflation, and the depreciating economy over the last year has undoubtedly contributed to that. Additionally, many customers believe we are entering a digital age and are seeking methods to engage in this domain.”

The reality is that the financial institution is now working diligently to acquire a regulatory clearance to grow its company with various digital commodities. Recently, it became the first Bank in America to do an OTC cryptocurrency deal. Now, imagine the New York Department of Financial Services and the Securities Exchange Commission believe the Bank will comply with all applicable regulatory requirements for providing cryptocurrency services. In such a situation, the institution would undoubtedly go on with its crypto plan, something unimaginable years back when they were against cryptocurrency. Goldman Sachs is among the world’s top investment and securities firms. This recent accomplishment may entice regular clients and investment moguls who have been awaiting this sort of news to find their way into the crypto realm.

It is only a matter of time to see whether they can adhere to specific requirements to enable their customers to extend their investment portfolios. This choice would be quite appealing with the present market volatility.

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