Garret Montano XPRTcoin Trader Review

How Garret Montano from UK Became a Millionaire Trading Bitcoin and Ethereum with XPRTcoin Trading Platform

Garret Montano was sitting on his bed inside his small apartment contemplating on what he was doing with his life. This is your typical 30-year old who has to go through the mid-life crisis by hook or by crook. His friend was about to come to him, and he did. He knocked on the door and was welcomed by Garret Montano with a sad and flat face. His friend was worried about his mental health and so told him to find a way to make his life not just interesting but also productive. At this point, they both started thinking of ways to make life productive.

After 30 minutes of thinking, Garret Montano’s friend recommended him to trade digital currencies. At this point, Garret Montano was not even aware of what digital currencies were so he asked his friend to explain. His friend did. He told him about the new trend and how it was making people millionaires without much effort. However, his friend did warn him that there was risk involved as cryptocurrencies could move in any direction at any time. This was not going to stop Garret Montano from trying to know more about digital coins.

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Garret Montano Finds out about Bitcoin and Ethereum

As soon as Garret Montano started researching digital currencies, the first two he got to know about were Bitcoin and Ethereum. He realized upon research that these were the biggest digital coins in the world. What really shocked him was the price of Bitcoin. He could not believe that there was a “currency” in the world that could be more powerful than EUR, GBP, and USD. Here he was, looking at the conversion calculator, completely awed by the fact that 1BTC was equal to $15,000.

This was an eye-opener for him. At first, he could not believe his eyes so he researched many sites to find out the real value of Bitcoin. He discovered that what he was looking at was really true. He then proceeded to know the value of Ethereum. Yet again, he was met with a huge shock to find out that only 1ETH amounted to nearly $1000.

The next step was very calming and reassuring for Garret Montano. He went on various online forums and social media communities to know if people were talking about digital currencies. He soon realized that there were millions of people already investing or interested in investing their money in digital currencies. This gave him the confidence to go ahead and put some of his hard money into trading Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Garret Montano Trades Bitcoin and Ethereum on XPRTcoin Trading Platform

There was this one trading platform after researching for several days that made Garret Montano really feel confident in trading. The XPRTcoin trading platform contained everything that he could ask for. It was a platform dedicated to digital currency trading rather than providing trading opportunities in other assets. Secondly, he found out that this platform had the biggest leverages on Bitcoin and Ethereum trading while also the tightest spreads.

In other words, it meant that if he made profits on his trades, he was going to walk away with a huge portion of that. On the other hand, on other platforms, he could already calculate that he was going to spend a lot of money in covering various fees, charges, commissions, and the loose spreads.

There other great facilities on this platform, such as the availability of an account executive and many tutorials to help him learn cryptocurrency trading. All of this had a combined effect on him and he made his first investment by signing up on XPRTcoin trading platform.

Garret Montano Makes a Mistake but Doesn’t Pay the Price

Right after signing up with XPRTcoin trading platform, Garret Montano made the biggest mistake that he could ever make. He invested all of the cash that he had saved over the course of 3 years at once. If you are thinking about investing in digital currencies, or any other assets for that matter, you are highly recommended to invest only a small portion of your savings.

Garret Montano had made the mistake, but the time of was on his side. Within 3 days of his first trade, Bitcoin and Ethereum saw a huge price bump. Just for your information, despite having not interdependencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be moving in the same direction most of the time. The effect of both the currencies he had invested in going up at the same time was huge. From the $20,000 that he had invested in trading the big digital coins, he was able to get a 5-times return.

It is true that he made a lot of money by investing his savings right off the bat, but you should never do that. Always keep a small portion of your savings allocated for trading no matter how confident you are in your trades.

Garret Montano Uses Leverage on XPRTcoin Trading Platform

While trading Bitcoin and Ethereum with XPRTcoin trading platform, Garret Montano felt the need to take yet another chance. After looking into the market insights and news, he was of the opinion that Ethereum and Bitcoin were going up again. Sticking to his gut feeling and outcomes of his analysis, he invested $50,000 yet again. You see, big risks have big rewards. It was true in this case. To make things better, he also used the 1:5 leverage from XPRTcoin trading platform. This time, he really went all out.

It took him no more than a week to discover that he had gotten a return of hundreds of thousands of dollars on his investment.

Where Is Garret Montano Today?

After the initial huge investments, Garret Montano slowed down a little and listened to the advice from the experts around him. He now invests his money in other digital currencies as well, allowing him to minimize the risk of losing his entire investment. While it cannot be disclosed where he physically lives today, you can be sure that Garret Montano is not in a small apartment anymore. He’s a millionaire who likes to stay quiet, but still active in cryptocurrency trading.

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