Florida’s FDACS Issues A Warning Against Auto Warranty Scammers Asking Digital Currency Payments

Despite of strategy chosen by the bad actors to trap the possible preys, 5 precautionary measures have been reported by the famous newsletter, FDACS, which can help people to recognize exploiters and avoid probable scams.

Authorities in Florida Issue Cautions for Citizens to Stay Away from Auto Warranty Exploiters

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) cautioned people about the bot scam-based calls. In these scam calls customers are ordered to pay for the services provided to them in the form of cryptocurrencies and presents. FDACS provided a list of proper measures to get the residents protected from these possible exploits.

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A large number of complaints have been received from consumers regarding malicious robotic scams, which utilize the already recorded to sell their scam-based services. This compelled Enforcement Bureau to ban automobile industries from using robocalls.

FDACS has given 5 indicators to detect scams. Firstly, the most common technique used on the behalf of scammers is the demand for urgent payment. Secondly, if the service provider is demanding a specific type of payment, then the respondents can safely recognize that to be a scam. In this way, they may ask for payment to be delivered with a cryptocurrency and gift.

FDACS cautioned the inhabitants of Florida, to abstain from utilizing Cryptocurrency. Moreover, it has been informed that the most commonly used strategy of scammers is that they demand personal information, including their credit card pin, which can never be demanded by the government officials. t can only be demanded by scammers because only they require such kind of payment. After losing their money once, a customer will never be able to have it returned.

Curve Finance and Velodrome Successfully Recover Stolen Funds

After the innumerable efforts are done by hackers including Curve Finance and Velodrome for tracking the scammers, it was reported in a newsletter that these hackers couldn’t be tracked. But now a piece of news has rapidly taken the media’s attention, informing about having recovered the exploited funds. This revelation has proved the unchallengeable nature of blockchain.

Brad Sherman, a congressman from the U.S., admitted the upsurge of cryptocurrency and asserted that banning it can never be proved as a better option. He further disclosed that the enormous support for crypto as well as the political donations will make it impossible to prohibit it. Sherman also stated that they couldn’t ban cryptocurrencies due to their fame.

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