“Ethereum Will Outperform Bitcoin in 2022,” Finder Report Indicates

Bitcoin and Ether are two of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, occupying number one and two positions. However, a Finder report indicates that ETH may outperform the OG crypto this year.

The report from the fintech firm was based on certain factors, such as BTC’s overall performance in the market and its trading range. Seeing these, many traders are dim on its prospects and are turning the other way to altcoins for better profits. 

Experts Agree to Ether Outperforming BTC 

The Finder report didn’t cause much division amongst crypto experts. 35 analysts that partook in creating the report agree that ETH will outperform BTC and other virtual currencies by a large margin in 2022. 

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The experts rank ETH higher than bitcoin and SOL as the best-performing virtual asset in 2022. In the past three months, ether has surged more than 19%, making it a better performing cryptocurrency than BTC.

Out of the 35 experts, 87% chose ETH as one of their best 5 coins, while 71% and 55% chose BTC and SOL. 31% and 30% of the analysts opted for AVAX and Terra. 

Why Experts Think Ether Will Moon This Year

The forthcoming Ethereum upgrade is significant enough to make ETH skyrocket in 2022. It has been touted by many experts to push ether beyond its current price range and possibly attain a new all-time high.

Ethereum upgrade or ETH 2.0 will see the widely deployed blockchain transition from the current energy-draining Proof-of-Work to environmental-friendly Proof-of-Stake. Rather than depend on machines and electricity to add new blocks and validate transactions, PoS only needs nodes and staked tokens to validate transactions. As of this publication, the amount of locked ETH is above a hundred million dollars.

Meanwhile, specialists are slightly bearish about the short-term gains of BTC. Earlier this year, they predicted BTC to hit as high as $76k by the end of this year. However, the recent performances have changed the notion, with experts predicting the price to be around $65k.

Speaking of BTC price by 2025, the experts have contrasting views. Initially, they believed BTC to rally to $192k by then, but past reports have been discouraging. The expected forecast for the flagship coin now is $179k. 

How Will Bitcoin Fare By 2030?

Despite the slight feeling of bearishness, the experts are more assured over BTC’s price in the long run. They believe the coin will hit the $420k level in the next eight years, an increase from their earlier prediction of $406k.

Based on the report, more than half of the experts advise people to opt for bitcoin. About 67% favored purchasing BTC, while 24% supported HODL bitcoin. Bitcoin is exchanging at about $42k against USD based on this writing, representing a 1% rise in the last day.

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