Dow Jones Moves Higher by 0.6% to Come Close to Resistance

The Dow Jones Industrial Average seems to have performed well in the recent trading session. The latest session has seen Dow Jones shake off the losses it had accumulated in the previous sessions.  

Dow Jones Surges by 0.6% 

In the recent trading session, the Dow Jones has recorded a 0.6% rise. Among the rest of the industries, it is the blue chip industry that has reportedly performed well.  

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Following the rise, the blue-chip index has come close to a major resistance level. According to the graph, the resistance level for the particular index is found at the 200-day moving average.  

Performances of Other Indexes and Exchanges 

From the US market, it wasn’t just the Dow Jones that traveled in the positive zone but the S&P 500 also experienced a positive run.  

The data shows that the S&P 500 index was previously recording losses but the situation has now changed. Now, the index is moving in the positive direction and so far, it has risen by 0.4%.  

The NASDAQ composite has also witnessed an upward movement. The data shows that the particular index reportedly surged by 0.4%.  

On the other hand, the Russell 2000 experienced a downtrend. The particular index ended up taking a 0.3% hit in the recent trading session.  

Leading Dow Jones Stocks 

In the recent trading session, the top performing stocks for Dow Jones were Goldman Sachs, McDonald’s Amgen, and Disney.  

Among all the top performing stocks in the Dow Jones index, the top performers were the above-mentioned companies.  

Crude Oil Price 

The price of crude oil has also dipped in the recent commodity trading sessions. The data shows that the price of crude oil has moved down to $88.79 per barrel. 

This happened after China announced that it was recording slow growth in terms of its economy. In addition to the slow growth, China also cut down two major interest rates. 

China has announced that it aims to boost spending in the running and upcoming quarters, so the interest rates have been removed. 

Even in the upcoming days, the stocks for oil companies may continue moving downwards.  

In the latest trading session, the Gas Exploration ETF has dipped by 2.5%. The share prices for Chevron have dipped 2% and the share prices for Diamondback Energy have dipped over 5%.  

In addition to the above, the 10-year Treasury’s yield has dipped. The data shows it has slipped by 2.79%.  

Tech Stocks 

Even the major tech companies have recorded notable gains in the latest stock trading sessions.  

Among the high gainers were stocks of Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple which have experienced over 1.8% gains.  

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