Crypto Researcher FatManTerra Raises Bitcoin Worth $100k In A Fake Investment Scheme

A crypto influencer called FatManTerra asserts to have Collected Bitcoin (BTC) worth $100,000 from crypto investors via an investment project that then turned out to be fake. The crypto researcher stated he established the fame investment project to have an experiment and to guide people not to blindly follow the influencers’ investment advice.

$100K Raised by the Fake Ponzi Project of a Crypto Researcher

There are up to 101,100 followers of the Twitter account and it is majorly famous for formerly being a proponent of Terra however presently voices disfavors the project as well as Do Kwon (the founder) after its collapse of up to $40 in May. In a tweet of 5th September, the followers were told by FatManTerra that he had reached the high-yield farm of Bitcoin (BTC) through an anonymous fund.

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It added that the people are permitted to write a message to him to avail the opportunity of yield farming. In his words, he would prefer UST victims for the remaining allocation. While numerous negative responses confronted the post, labeling it as a fraud, FatMan revealed that Bitcoin worth approximately $100,000 was even then collected by him during the earliest post on his Twitter account as well as Discord just in 2 hours.

In a tweet of 6th September, it was discovered by FatManTerra that his investment project was forged. he categorized it as an awareness movement to explain to the people that it is easy to get entrapped by the influencers with the utilization of some eye-catching words as well as the promise of providing huge returns on the investments.

FatManTerra Asserts Having Returned the Collected Funds

While elaborating on the scheme he noted that he intended not disclosed the investment details like the name of the fund as well as the form of the trade. In this way, he added, no one was aware of the source of the yield however still a considerable amount was invested by people. He moved on to say that the respective gives a strong message that if someone offers free money he is deceiving.

According to him, if the favorite influencer of someone is offering rapid money trading or a golden investment chance, the person is defrauding. FatManTerra asserts that the entirety of the gathered funds has now been refunded by him.

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