Crypto Community Members Bring Up the Issue Of Twitter Bots

Crypto community members raised the issue of Twitter Robots as well as motivated the social venue to take some steps to fix this problem. Twitter is considered to be a social media venue that was designed to facilitate community members by permitting them to share different aspects of any issues relevant to the world of cryptocurrency.

Community Expresses Anger on Spam Bots Distracting Crypto Tweets

Nonetheless, the constructive discussions are spammed by the bots that distract mostly by opening a link related to dark projects or defrauding web pages. As a result of this, the members of the community voiced their wrath in diverse ways, with a few of them even utilizing pungent satire and also art.

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Lark Davis, a crypto analyst, tagged several bots’ screenshots on Twitter. Those were posing to be Changpeng Zhao (the CEO of Binance – a well-known crypto exchange). He recommended that the management of the social media platform should fix this issue. The series of such tweets has been described by an analyst as a space swarmed by robots.

Zhao, who has previously referred to these bots, mentioned that they should be on the priority list of Twitter. A video clip, revealing many robotic imitators of Zhao, was shared by him. He additionally brought to the front that no comment was posted by him on the respective thread.

To highlight the problem, Scott Melker (a crypto trader) posted an imitation of distracting word “spammers” with all letters capitalized. In the meantime, a skilled artist provided his description by converting the scam-based posts into a digital art-based costume.

No Positive Outcomes Resulted from the Community’s Endeavors

Even after a clear point of view from community members, their endeavors could not stop these robots which attempt to control and manipulate the whole of Twitter. Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, once showed his intentions to buy Twitter. While referring back to his plan to acquire Twitter, he said in a discussion, that he would try to eradicate such robots and the impact created by them from the platform.

He said that these robots are making Twitter an unreliable venue to discuss any serious issue. A cybersecurity analyst posted a series of tweets on the 21st of August to assist immature crypto users regarding how to avoid these frauds. The analyst pointed out several techniques which can be employed by these scammers. It can be a virus, or fraud projects as well as airdrops, according to him.

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