Crypto Capital Founder Dan Gambardella Says Cardano (ADA) will be the Top Altcoin in 2023

Dan Gambardella is the founder of Crypto Capital, a VC for blockchain and DeFi enterprises. He also hosts a popular YouTube channel called Crypto Venture Capital. During the latest episode on his channel, Gambardella nominated ADA as the top altcoin to invest in for 2023.

He also shared the declaration in the form of a tweet with his 238K followers. In this tweet, he claimed that ADA has the potential to create 1000% positive returns. He claimed that he has not been impervious to the underperformance of ADA thus far.

However, he claimed that ADA is an undervalued asset that contains a massive amount of upside potential.

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Gambardella Shares his Insight about Cardano’s Future

Talking about the trading potential of ADA, Gambardello claimed that he has issued his ADA predictions keeping in view his risk appetite.

He further explained that he views ADA as a compelling investment option. On the other hand, he has warned investors to not purchase ADA on account of his positive predictions alone.

After 03 months of investing in ADA, he has claimed that Cardano has been added to his list of favorite crypto tokens.

He also shared his clear vision for Cardano maintaining that Cardano is nearing the Trilemma of decentralization, scalability, and security. He mentioned that he is excited to see that Cardano is building slowly but steadily to address the issue.

The crypto analyst has also shared positive remarks about the formation and operations of the Cardano Foundation. It is important to note that Cardano Foundation is based in Switzerland and is a non-profit enterprise.

It introduces itself as the legal custodian of the Cardano network. On the other hand, it collaborated with IOG and EMURGO.

Cardano Foundation has shared some important achievements covered during 2022. It has indicated its on-chain growth has grown from 27% to 192%.

Secondly, it mentioned the important partnerships with companies like NKMR, Center, Veritree, and UZH blockchain. Meanwhile, it has also made note of the participation in 20+ events internationally and 50 CIPs or Cardano Improvement Proposals.

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