Crypto Aggregator Santiment Claims that Cardano Surpassed All Major Altcoins in Terms of Performance in 2022

Santiment is a crypto statistics aggregator that specializes in crypto market data about psychology and investor impression. The aggregator has recently issued a positive report endorsing Cardano native token ADA as one of the best performers for 2022.

According to this report, ADA is ranked as the top performer surpassing other major altcoins such as ETH and MATIC, etc.

The supremacy of the ADA token is not in terms of price appreciation, but rather it has maintained its position as the blockchain project with the highest development.

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The platform has managed to amass the highest number of GitHub commits in comparison to other DeFi ecosystems. To this end, the total GitHub submissions of ADA are recorded to be around 2434.

Cardano’s Development Activity

The total GitHub entries for Cardano are also more than the parachain project Polkadot. However, DOT has remained the second-highest blockchain project in terms of development activity.

As per the report by Santiment, the total commits on GitHub for Polkadot are estimated to be around 2,065 throughout 2022. As per this metric, the third topmost ranking has been granted to Cosmos Hub or ATOM, with a total of 1,622 commits.

On the other hand, the most popular dApps development blockchain ecosystem Ethereum is marked down as the 4th highest developed project. Santiment report indicates that there were a total of 1,485 GitHub commits for Ethereum blockchain development activity during 2022.

On the other hand, the second layer scaling solution provider Polygon was ranked in the 10th position with a total of 526 commits.

Santiment analysts have claimed in the past that the more development activity there is in a blockchain project, the greater its positive price movement.

The firm claims that with new development activity, a blockchain may add new features that may increase its utility and demand among investors.

Aptos is a new DeFi project that Santiment notes started with considerable trading activity. On the other hand, SOL development activity has remained relatively stable, but a visible decline in 2022 is very evident. The Solana project may regain its former strength and improve the sharp decline in its ranking.

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