Codego CEO Says Crypto Cards Can Connect Cryptocurrencies To the Real World

Simone Binotto Torre, the CEO of Codego, says that a catalyst responsible for a wide-ranged adoption of digital assets is to carry out purchases via a debit or credit card.

Codego Executive Says the Gap Between Digital Assets and the Real World Can Be Bridged by Crypto Cards

As per the executive, even within the use cases of Web3 across the industry, the capability to utilize cryptocurrency for making purchases within the shops and stores in the real world counts to be among the significant applications of digital assets.

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Torre indicated that a noteworthy thing for the benefit of the holders is to have the ability to comfortably buy services and products with the utilization of cryptocurrency.

He stated that the construction of a banking venue to permit the automatic conversion of crypto into conventional currency would be of great importance for the whole community. As per him, this is the focus of their group and is vital to provide a great utility of digital assets in the real world.

He is of the view that a bridge will be formed in this way between the virtual world of the crypto assets as well as the real one.

In addition to the crypto cards, the CEO also remarked on the present scenario in which the crypto world is presently placed. He persuaded the community participants to keep on resiliently confronting the hard times and hope for the best.

In the words of Torre, it is beneficial to have patience while making crypto investments during the ongoing bear market. He mentioned that crypto’s original idea of hodling has been slightly lost.

This Is the Moment to Invest and Have Patience, Codego CEO

Thus, he revealed that people intend to have speculations though it is the moment to make an investment and show some patience. On being inquired about the present status of the entities involved in providing crypto cards across the blockchain sector, Torre replied that several limitations are even now being faced by them.

According to his elaboration, a few parameters such as geography have the potential to hinder the broad-level adoption of crypto cards. The executive brought to the front that the respective cards can additionally support the smaller crypto tokens along with the big brands like Bitcoin, Solana, and Ether.

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