Binance US Hires the Former FBI Agent For Its Investigations Unit

Binance US, the United States-based arm of the prominent crypto exchange Binance, has established a unique investigations unit. It has selected a former special agent from the FBI to lead the respective unit thereof while targeting to stop illegitimate operations on its venue.

The investigations unit plays the role of an exclusive forum under the crypto exchange, as mentioned by Krishna Juvadi (the head of the platform’s legal activities).

Former FBI Agent Hired by Binance US to Operate Its Unique Investigation Unit

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According to the executive, BJ Kang (the former agent of the FBI) would become the initial investigations head at the platform. In the respective role, he will collaborate with the regulators, law enforcement as well as the rest of the crypto exchanges while attempting to eliminate illegitimate operations on the venue. Kang will additionally develop an infrastructure for investigations at Binance US.

The company mentioned in its statement that it has fortified legal compliance along with the risk operations during 2021 by elevating the department staff by nearly 145% along with allocating more than one-fifth of the cumulative workforce of the platform to carry out the respective operations.

Kang has secured a great reputation for doing high-profile investigations related to securities scams as well as insider trading.

He has been providing his services for the above-mentioned subjects in the sector of conventional finance during his tenure of up to twenty years under the FBI.

He was once labeled by Reuters as the most feared person across Wall Street following the notoriety he earned for being pictured while doing the arrest of Bernie Madoff (the person declared guilty of operating the biggest Ponzi scheme) as well as Raj Rajaratnam.

The latter was a former manager of hedge funds and was declared guilty of being involved in insider trading. Formerly Kang offered services at the cybercrime squad of the FBI Washington Field Office.

There he investigated cyber-related extortion, money laundering as well as hackers aiming at financial and crypto entities apart from other such crimes.

SEC Keeps on Probing into Binance US

The move of choosing Kang to operate the investigation unit is witnessed at a point when the crypto exchange is going through the investigations launched on the behalf of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to figure out how the exchange may have revealed the likely links thereof to the firms (playing the role of the company’s market makers) to its consumers.

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