Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Augmented Reality Is Likely to Become Future’s Biggest Technology

The chief executive officer of Apple Inc., Tim Cook, recently stated in his interview that augmented reality (also known as AR) will turn into the largest technology in the coming time, whereas virtual reality (VR) and the Metaverse are not that much valuable.

Apple CEO Prefers AR Over Metaverse

He mentioned that AR technology put a considerable influence on everything. In his words, one should look back and note the huge difference between the current life as well as the life at a time when there was no AR. As per Cook, in augmented reality, there is an integration of computer-generated material, whereas – on the other hand –virtual reality is completely virtual as the name suggests.

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A few famous instances of AR technology take into account Pokemon Go (a mobile game) which presents the 3D characters in the form of cartoons in the setting of the real world via a mobile-based application or the app called IKEA, permitting the consumers to virtually put the furniture in the private home of their own with the utilization of the camera on the mobile phone.

The Apple CEO went on to elaborate potential cause at the back of the platform’s choice of not utilizing the word metaverse in this respect. He added that the people do not understand the respective term in a comprehensive meaning.

The use of the respective is generally done to denote the venues in which the technology of virtual reality is being utilized, permitting the related people to play, work as well as interact with the fellows without any hindrance.

Apple Develops VR/AR Headsets and AR Glasses

Virtual reality, as disclosed by him, is something in which a person can immerse himself. However, he specified that this technology is advantageous in terms of some specific characteristics in the real life without serving as an efficient instrument for communication.

The venue of Apple is at the moment working on the development of many unique products dealing with AR technology. AR glasses and VR/AR headsets are also included among such goods.

Contrary to that, the above-mentioned term “Metaverse” has frequently been utilized on the behalf of the many venues which are competing with Apple Inc. Meta is at the top of such organizations as it has used the respective term for launching interactive and communicative venues to facilitate its consumers.

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