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This is a review of Alfabtc (just to clear any doubts). This broker that we are reviewing for you today at Best Forex World is a high quality broker by the name of Alfabtc. The trading platform is fast and sleek and suited for both novice and expert traders. Keep reading our Alfabtc review to learn more or visit their website in the link below.

Alfabtc Review

Alfabtc logoI have seen that some new entries in the online trading services providers’ competition are making big differences. To me, it seems that they obtained the key to the hearts of the traders because when you look at their features, they are designed perfectly for them.

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There are companies that have served this industry for decades, but even they can’t offer the trading services in the style that the new ones can. This Alfabtc review will focus on the company to show you how it is one of those new entries that are all the rage right now.

There are still certain areas of improvement, but I believe the overall delivery of trading services is being done right by this company. Some options seem a little congested while others seem a little lacking, but as a package, you get everything that you need as a trader. Learn more about the company in this review.

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Trading Conditions Will Favor You

If you are new to trading, the trading conditions that you get on this platform will favor you in a variety of ways. Firstly, you should know that you will be getting the Alfabtc trading platform when you sign up with this company. Secondly, you will be able to choose from three different account types.

Yes, you get more options with other companies, but those options can be confusing as well. With Alfabtc, you get three options and each option has features that separate one account from the other. You get static spreads, which means the spreads never change.

Furthermore, your leverages start from 1:200. That’s already quite big but that’s not it. You can get up to 1:400 leverages on your trades too. Last but not least, when you go with either the standard or premium account, you can get up to 25% bonus on the first deposit you make in your trading account.

You Will Trade Crypto, Commodity, Forex, and More

Don’t think your options will be limited when you are with Alfabtc. The moment you sign up with the company and land on the Alfabtc trading platform, you will have access to a variety of financial markets and hundreds of financial instruments.

Firstly, you have cryptocurrencies available for trading, which are all the rage right now. You can trade Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many other famous and rising digital currencies. Furthermore, you can trade USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, and many other forex currencies against each other.

Commodities are available too, which means you will be able to trade silver, gold, platinum, and some other precious metals. Last but not least, you will have stocks and indices in your access, allowing you to trade the shares of the biggest companies in the world.

Alfabtc trading instruments

Trading Platform

It might sound like a new name but I can tell you that it has all the features that you expect from the industry-leading trading platforms. Firstly, you have a trading platform available on your devices that you use every day.

You can use it from any part and side of the world without any hassle. The graphs and charts are right there on the platform for you to know the prices of the assets instantly.

Alfabtc also gives you access to its economic calendar. This calendar contains information about all the events that will take place in the future and might have the capacity to affect the financial market that you are trading in. Market analysis takes you further deep into the markets.

Final Thoughts

You can use leverages when you trade with this company, but what I like more is that you have tight and static spreads. This means trading is easy and predictable for new traders who might not deal fairly with ever-changing spreads. I think there is still a lot that this company can improve about itself, but I also see that everything that you need as a trader, is already there available in a great form.

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