A Look at DeFi, SocialFi, and GameFi As the Horizontals Of the Metaverse

Metaverse is now taking the digital world by storm. Just think of existing in a world where people can interact with one another and carry out all their life activities by comfortably sitting in the bed at home. This is what Metaverse holds for the people.

It is an evolutionary transformation of the internet which exists in multiple forms. It includes gaming, socializing and trading etc. Metaverse could be considered as a virtual reality based on continuous advancements in internet.

Here is a detailed article about Metaverse and its continuously spreading scope that will help the readers to understand the miracles it is creating in the digital world.

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What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the actually the integration of all the virtual worlds existing in three dimensions. Amalgamating all the business models and realities of the world forms a spectrum called as Metaverse. It is the platform that provides the opportunity to learn, socialize and play in the digital space providing the experiences of the immersive domain in addition to the physical world.

One should be aware of the fact that there is a difference in Web3 and Metaverse. Blockchain and non-fungible tokens are the components of Web3. These components actually facilitate in the creation of Metaverse. Metaverse is a vast domain still unknown to the developers, but one can guess the outlook of the Metaverse as it keeps growing with the help of Web3.

The regulation of Metaverse by the higher authorities is also an issue that whether it should be decentralized or not. Many people are of the opinion that if it is not decentralized, the higher central authority owning it will destroy it with its monopoly. However, there also exists an opinion that there is no harm in being regulated by a single authority.

How the Metaverse can be Accessed?

Though in the present times, Metaverse can be accessed easily through browsers or in-built games but some of the professionals and developers are still of the view that it is an entity that does not exist in real. To access the Metaverse in real means and to explore it, the users require to own a hardware that possess high computing power and remarkable computing techniques.

Metaverse can easily be approached through the inbuilt blockchain functions such as Sandbox and Decentraland. For this purpose, first of all one needs to create an Ethereum wallet. One could consult MetaMask for this purpose. MetaMask provides a key to the user to log in to the metaverse space. After that to log in through the wallet, one has to visit the official website of Sandbox or Decentraland.

In case any user does not ant to create a personal wallet, these platforms provide solution for them too. They can log in the Decentraland website through the option of a guest log in given. However, this will not save any kind of progress made by the user or any kind of credentials of the user for future purposes.

On the other hand, Sandbox offers the opportunity to its users to use their email or any social account to log in to the platform.

Metaverse As Convergence of all The Domains

It is expected that soon Metaverse will take over the internet in the next few years. All the economic models powered by Web3 that are existing virtually will be soon owned by Metaverse. These models are related to the domains of gaming, social media and financial services.

These domains have their roots integrated in the field of Metaverse solely. But it can be seen that existing together in the Metaverse, all these models have certain similar characteristics and intersect each other constantly at various places. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi), GameFi and SocialFi are thought to be isolated domains in regard with the development in Web3.

In the recent past years, all of these three came into being one by one at different times. These domains are considered to be the subdivisions of Web3 since their inception.

However, with the passage of time, as the advancement in the space occurred and the concept of Metaverse started growing stronger, it was observed that all of these domains are not isolated from one another rather they interact one another at one point or another and exist as horizontals in the Metaverse space.

These domains are young still struggling to get better day by day. To get the support for growing their economic model, they take the help of cryptocurrency. These fields have found various applications mostly that are in the form of Decentralized Apps (dApps).

These applications run independently in the GameFi, SocialFi and DeFi domains. It is predicted by the professionals that Metaverse will soon integrate itself in the activities of daily household.

Why It Is Difficult to Differentiate Between the Verticals and Horizontals?

When it comes to the attributes of the verticals and horizontals, it becomes difficult for the users to keep them in different categories. For instance, within the metaverse, if we consider a GameFi application, it can be observed that it is gaming experience that is dedicated to draw the attention of the users towards the Metaverse. The game is played by the users and after finishing it the fulfilled platform is left by them.

Considering them to be as verticals, this situation can also be applied to the SocialFi and DeFi protocols. If the users want to interact with their friends on the social media platforms or carry out any transaction using the decentralized finance protocol, the DeFi and SocialFi applications are available for them as verticals. The user can gain a good experience using these applications.

But to be precise, one cannot only think of the Metaverse as a mere collection of multiple applications and protocols. It actually represents the economic model within the range of scalability that helps the user experience the difference among the cluster of the conscious and unconscious.

Here comes the difference where the conscious experiences are termed as the verticals and the unconscious experiences are considered to be in the category of horizontals.

The Difference Between Conscious and Unconscious Experiences

It is mandatory to understand the difference between the conscious and the unconscious to have the knowledge about the interaction of these applications in the Metaverse. To know exactly that if these applications stand solely in the metaverse or integrate with one another, the concept of conscious and unconscious will help out.

To better understand these concepts, let us consider an example of a person who wants to travel by train. For this purpose, he has to buy the ticket. He moves to the cricket counter and buys a ticket for the train by paying him 5 dollars. As a results, he gets his ticket to travel to his required destination. All this process is considered to be a conscious experience by the user.

In case if the same person goes inside the train station and then uses the application of near field communication (NFC) to get to the train and find out the paths to cross the barrier. All this is categorized as unconscious experience by that passenger.

To carry out the transactions in a coherent manner, to make them frictionless and to carry them out in as unconscious manner as possible are some the main aims of the traditional fintech applications. Moreover, in an experience of call of duty, it does not create any situation where one needs to compete with his partner or friend.

The spirit of competition between the two can be determined through the views or likes that one gets on any social media platform such as Instagram.

All of the three domains, the DeFi, SocialFi and GameFi consist of submerged experiences in the metaverse. However, this does not mean that there exist some other metaverses too where the people get the opportunity to play.

One should understand that these models will consist of unconscious experience where the set criterion is considered to be more submerged and embedded (horizontal) instead of being kept in isolation due to the unconscious experience (vertical).

The Experiences Peculiar to Ecosystem

There are no restrictions imposed by the nation on the exchange or value creation of the experiences in the metaverse. It will all be dependent on the ecosystem they are growing. So, to be peculiar to the ecosystem is mandatory for all the use cases.

It is possible that SocialFi, GameFi and DeFi are implanted in future. But one should be aware of the fact that this implantation of the three domains could only be practically correct if done in a frictionless environment.

All these protocols will be unified in the Metaverse. It will not only integrate the experimental factors in the ecosystem but also the adventurous and the realistic factors while bringing all the domains together in the metaverse space.

This can be understood as if DeFi is implemented in a metaverse, it means it has available opportunities for carrying out microtransactions. Similarly, if SocialFi is applicable in a metaverse, the environment of that metaverse could be considered to be as where all the users and developers play their role equally and all of the participants are encouraged for their contributions and paid accordingly.

What is Built-in DeFi?

Dealing in the crypto world, we see multiple activities occurring in the space with the help of advanced technologies and techniques. These may include micro token technology, lending based on non-fungible tokens (NFT), rental processes, token exchanges, NFT marketplaces, microtransactions and a number of other technologies that are facilitating the continuous growth of the metaverse.

Within the metaverse, for the establishment of a scalable economic paradigm, all of these technologies are playing their part.

In many places in the world, they are implementing Ecommerce withing the ecosystem of metaverse. Suppose if an art gallery is visited by a person who holds a good amount of NFTs in his pocket. The user lacks liquidity and the art pieces have high rates. If trading while using the NFTs had been normalized, the person could buy the art pieces of his choice by buying the USDC with the help of the Punk or Ape he possesses.

Here it is worth mentioning that to create a frictionless environment and carry out smoot transactions in the metaverse, the corporation of the user is very important. In the situation mentioned above, the process could have become more easier and simpler, if the NFT trading in daily world had been normalized and the person could simply use the local NFT to buy thing instead of exchanging it with Ape first.

The value of the local NFTs will be greater comparatively if the users commit to the situation more seriously and dedicate their major time to the metaverse environment. This could be achieved if they are made sure that they would gain something as a reward for dedicating their energy and time to it.

Investing their time and energy to enhance the value of their ecosystem such as earning more NFTs, assets in the games or land, the user could get the benefit through it by leveraging these assets. this may increase the risk of potential benefit for the users. However, as these assets play major role in the DeFi protocol the users also spend their maximum effort in increasing them.

What is Built-in GameFi?

There are large platforms that provide the opportunity to the users to earn money through playing games and competing with others. The term GameFi is usually referred to such platforms. A well known GameFi platform is Axie Infinity. However, it is as important to gamify an experience as it is to participate in GameFi.

But many a times, the features that are required for these experiences do not need to be intense. In order to gain the gamified experience, the casual games, raffles, battle passes, loot boxes or leaderboards could be simply used.

Similar to the qualities if the DeFi components, the GameFi experience also play the role to keep the attention of the users intact and also makes sure that the users are completely dedicated and engaged providing their full time and effort to the platform

The factors that are involved in the GameFi are actually dependent on both SocialFi and DeFi. This can be understood as if one can borrow or take on rent an NFT, if he wants to participate in and be a part of the leaderboard. Moreover, an effective leaderboard could only be maintained if creative and brilliant gamers and creators are available on the SocialFi platform.

What is Built-in SocialFi?

When a metaverse is created and implemented, one of the most important factors that helps to keep the economy of the users and developers intact and growing is considered as SocialFi. A metaverse is usually created with the integration and gathering of different gamers, stakeholders, asset holders, asset creators and importantly the users.

To achieve a balanced economy and ecosystem, the best practice is to provide the incentives to every participant in the metaverse according to the contribution that he makes to the ecosystem. This keeps everything growing and running peacefully.

The SocialFi principles intersect with the experiences of GameFi at multiple places. This can be understood as, if a gamer who invests his maximum energy and time in the platform constantly ascends up on the ladder in the ecosystem of metaverse.

As a result, this will help him gain and earn maximum points of experience. In the same way, if the assets of a person perform well and make him earn more in a platform, the user will be given a high rank in the ecosystem.

This is also termed as “social swag” and is equally important while one is carrying out the transaction in the DeFi protocol. The developers and the creators who have earned higher number of experience points and those who own the higher score can easily get their hands on the deal that they wish to purchase according to their will in the metaverse while trading in the DeFi protocol.

Similarly, using the social swag mechanism, the people participating in the platform can easily collect more value in the metaverse ecosystem within no time.

Benefits of Convergence

Its is important to note that the activities that are occurring in the Metaverse, majority of them happen on chain and can be used to get the trustworthiness of the developers.

The stability of Metaverse could be ensured only of all the three DeFi, GameFi and SocialFi function together. DeFi is responsible to ensure the financial stability of the ecosystem, GameFi is responsible for increasing the experience and the SocialFi holds the responsibility to maintain the economy of the Metaverse.


Metaverse cannot function properly without the integration of all three domains in it. In case, if DeFi is eliminated from a metaverse, it may result in the absences of scalability at commercial scale. Similarly, in the absence of GameFi, there would be no motivation left in the ecosystem to earn and return back to the developers. In the same way, the metaverse environment would not be considered trustworthy and reliable.

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