FTX Endorses Tennis Star Player Naomi Osaka as Ambassador

Naomi Osaka Clinches Ambassadorial Position with FTX Exchange

Naomi Osaka has been endorsed to be an ambassador for popular cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX, this was done inline with previous endorsements. The list features names like Tom Brady– Super Bowl champion title holder, supermodel Bündchen Gisele and the great Stephen Curry. They all accepted to duly promote the brand.

Naomi Osaka, popular tennis player is the most recent from the entertainment and art industry to sign an endorsement contract with the exchange platform.

Part of Naomi’s contract with FTX includes amongst others, serving to be an image and a voice towards bringing women into the cryptocurrency economy. The popular exchange platform agreed that the partnership will be on a long term basis which would last for a term not less than one (1) year and six (6) months.

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The exchange, in an announcement on Monday, shared about how the tennis star player Naomi Osaka owns an equity stake as part of the contract benefit and also an undisclosed sum of money in cryptocurrencies as compensation.

Naomi Osaka explained how in every financial market, the barrier of women participation is radically reduced but the purpose of cryptocurrencies is to break the barrier and to create an open platform that is accessible to everyone including women.

Following her endorsement deal, Naomi Osaka joined heads with other ambassadors including– Super Bowl Title champion holder Tom Brady, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and the great NBA player Stephen Curry to serve as fellow ambassador for the exchange. “Naomi Osaka will create content targeted at a wide and global audience”, and she features the exchange’s logo in her competition at Miami Open, on March 21st.

CEO of FTX crypto exchange Sam Bankman–Fried followed with a statement after Australian Blockchain Week that the exchange will be attending to the Australian market by opening up an arm as there is no current place in Australia that is attending to the need which the exchange platform is working to fill. Senator Bragg followed as well saying that he will be introducing a legislation that is targeted at handling various issues regarding cryptocurrency and security, taxation and how decentralized autonomous organizations work.

Naomi Osaka is not a novice to the blockchain economy, she has been involved in (NFTs) with her sister Mari Osaka.  She made her $600,000 in one of her NFT sales. Naomi Osaka has previously shown interest in cryptocurrencies, even in the popular DOGECOIN. She believes in the project and that it is good, and a great thing to look to in the future.

Sports Celebs and Crypto

Crypto firms are now utilizing the influence of popular media stars including celebrities from sports, movies and TV to gain visible traction as it has been proven that ads being run by media stars tend to garner a lot of attention which will in turn boost the market promotions of a brand. FTX has taken advantage of this and looks eagerly to what the future holds. With the tennis star player as Ambassador, nothing short of amazing will be done.

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